New Light Industrial

In 2012  illuminart commenced a program of strategic business and arts partnerships in the Port Adelaide area, to facilitate an increased awareness of Port Adelaide as the place to make, see, and present lighting art due to its superb location, architecture and relatively low levels of ambient light.

The project ramped up in 2013 with a six month period of residency, leading to presentation of several new projects in the Port Adelaide area. These included Night Mural 2013 and Night Mural 2014, Harts Mill Re-animated, Luminous Art Trail, Future Portal, and several R&D projects including the Interactive Quilt, Mood Lanterns, and Hopes Passion.

Over 10,000 people saw the public presentations and showings of the works during this period.

In late 2014 the project was Highly Commended in the 2014 Civic Trust awards, in recognition of the impact on the local arts and business community. It was also showcased in an international Pecha Kucha showcase of innovative Urban Renewal projects.

The project was supported by Arts SA (community partnerships funding) and also received project support from CAN SA, Renewal SA and Port Adelaide Enfield Council.

As well as a much-needed catalyst for the economy, these projects build community cohesion through shared cultural experiences that are uniquely Port Adelaide and are a great source of pride for the community. Events and activities are accessible regardless of age, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, ability and background, making them attractive to all members of the community as a unifying, shared cultural experience.

Civic Trust Awards
  • Project ID # 1024