Nikon Z Sydney Launch

Illuminart were delighted to be offered a wonderful puzzle – projection transformation of Wayward brewery, providing a cool light based theme event for influencers exploring the new Nikon Z50 camera.

Each nook of the brewery was augmented with photogenic projection mapping to provide the photographers an exciting moving image environment to explore the camera in.

Would wine barrels be a problem? No… we turned them into abstract camera shutters. Would a motorcycle need to be removed from the wall? Not at all, let’s make it a futuristic landscape installation. Is a tiny but long hallway too hard to turn into an projection space? No, we turned it into an exciting and immersive trance tunnel.

The delicious challenge gave us the opportunity to design and work with a tight colour palette (violet, gold and white); create dreamy immersive animations that transform ordinary objects; solve technical challenges in novel ways; and watch as our creative work was explored by photographers.

The creative and technical process was planned over a 6 week period, installed in a day and a half for a 4 hour event – a tight but exciting project for all involved.