Night Mural Riverland

Night Mural Riverland is an exciting professional opportunity for visual artists who are interested in creating street/mural art, to develop ideas and to test them out through the magic of projection. It is being presented by Berri Barmera Council and projection artists, illuminart Australia, with guest artists and animators supporting the project development.

Artists interested in applying will find more details on this page:

Night Mural Riverland is presented by Berri Barmera Council in partnership with illuminart Australia and dates will be announced in late June 2020.

Other Info

Night Mural is a transformative project led by illuminart mentors.  Reaching out to local artists, the mentors provide a pathway for the artists to develop understanding and skills in communication with large scale public art, presented as stories in light; a powerful yet ephemeral medium. Illuminart translates the visual art into concepts for luminous, moving image murals which takes 6-8 weeks, and at the end it is presented in a community event. 

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Night Mural 2013: Warrawee Dock

Night Mural 2014: Harts Mill


Poster mural image by Port Adelaide street artist Steve Glass