Night Mural 2014: Art in the Open

Night Mural is a transformative project led by illuminart mentors.  Reaching out to local artists, the mentors provide a pathway for the artists to develop understanding and skills in communication with light; a powerful yet ephemeral medium. Translating their visual art into concepts for luminous, moving image murals takes 6-8 weeks, and at the end it is presented in a community event. 

Night Mural 2014 was held at Harts Mill in Port Adelaide SA, not too far from the venue for Night Mural 2013.

This one night show transformed an ordinary building into an extraordinary creation of colour and light, as it experienced a number of temporary “makeovers” by the participating artists.

The mural artwork was created by young artists from the Port Adelaide Enfield area, in  professional menteeship and training with the illuminart team. Each of these wonderful  murals was brought to life by animation and music, ensuring the audience would never see this building in the same way again!

Poster face illustration by Emma Dangerfield age 17

WOW - what a creative event for the community to enjoy! As a ‘first timer’ at seeing projection art live, I waited for the shadows to creep over the Hart’s Mill and the sun to sink with great anticipation of what was to come. I came away from the event feeling both immensely proud as a parent of one of the young artists and also humbled by your confidence, warmth and collaborative support in nurturing all the young artists and their wonderful artwork.

Glenn Beaver
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    Other Night Mural events:

    Night Mural 2014 was held at 6PM on the 23rd August 2014 with a formal speech by mayor Gary Johanssen and a launch presentation for 45 minutes. From 7PM – 10PM (approx) the animations and projections looped.

    Special guests

    • homeJames, the digital nomad bus and its technoevangelist operator Fee Plumley.
    • Live video painting by Penny Campton – light graffiti that members of the audience could try during the event.
    • Honeybee Cycles cycle group met on St Vincent Street at 5PM and followed the new hike and bike loop to the event.

    Night Mural 2013 was held at 5pm on the 17th August 2013. More info:

    • Kaz Pederson Curator / Workshop Artist
    • Cindi Drennan Team Leader / Animator
    • David Erskine Sound Artist
    • Craig Laurendet Projection Mapping
    • Levon Hudson Animator
    • David Nerlich Animator
    • Peter Darwin Production Manager
    • Fee Plumley & homeJames digital nomad + red bus
    • Rachael Hatowskyj Mentee artist
    • Emma Dangerfield Mentee artist
    • Crystal Mayne Mentee artist
    • Lukas Shaw Mentee artist
    • Aden Beaver Mentee artist
    • Marcel Leaver Mentee artist
    • Isabella Steffan Mentee artist
    • Mitchell Peat Mentee artist
    • La Fleur Mentee Artist
    • Stephanie Payne Mentee Artist
    • Kalyna Micenko Night Mural Artist
    • Peter Thompson Night Mural Artist
    • Penny Mortimer Night Mural Artist
    • Luku Kukuku Animator / Workshop Artist
    • Stu Nankivell Animator
    • Zero Post Production
  • Project ID # 1057