Night Mural 2013: Urban Renewal in Light

illuminart transformed a Port Adelaide dockside building with ephemeral projected murals commissioned from ten Port Adelaide artists, showcasing the potential of rapid mural prototyping and the potential for future urban transformations.

The local artists participated in a concept development workshop and developed small scale concept artwork with the mentorship and artistic support of the illuminart team. Each artist was paid a fee for their concept, and their artworks were digitally enhanced and animated by illuminart animators, and a soundtrack added to complete each concept.

The show was presented as a “live studio event” on 17th August during SALA festival 2013, where each artist was given an opportunity to talk about their idea for a mural in the Port, prior to launching their design wrapping around the building to be seen by an appreciative audience.

Illuminart conducted audience surveys during the event to evaluate audience responses, which helped community to communicate their appetite and ideas for street art to the Port Adelaide Enfield council and Renewal SA, which contributed towards the eventual development of Wonderwalls which is an annual street art festival in the Port.

Night Mural 2013 was part of illuminart’s New Light Industrial project, supported by Arts SA, Port Adelaide Enfield Council, CAN SA and sponsored by Mosaic AV and illuminart.

Night Mural 2014 is a fresh new set of mural artworks to be created by young people of Port Adelaide Enfield. Find out more here!

One of the best things in 2013 for me was having my artwork projected onto buildings by the Illuminart team. Thanks!

Kalyna Micenko (Port Adelaide Artist)
  • Mosaic AV Logo
    • Cindi Drennan Artistic Director
    • Luku Kukuku Animation
    • Craig Laurendet Projection Mapping
    • Stu Nankivell Animation
    • Steve Tilling Technical / Event Management
    • Rowan Lee Technical Crew
    • Molly Breuker Support Crew
    • Sammi Lane Support Crew
    • Emily Barraclough Support Crew
    • Tim Willett Installation Crew
    • Marty Hopkins Documentation
    • Bradley Grimond WYS Mentee
    • Kaz Pedersen Night Mural Artist
    • Helen Kavanagh Night Mural Artist
    • Penny Mortimer Night Mural Artist
    • Kalyna Micenko Night Mural Artist
    • Bob Daly Night Mural Artist
    • Western Youth Space Night Mural Artist
    • Jaqueline Barmentloo Night Mural Artist
    • Steve Glass Night Mural Artist
    • Mandi Glynn-Jones Night Mural Artist
    • Peter Thompson Night Mural Artist
  • Hi illuminart,
    Just wanted to say my family and I came along last night and despite the weather thoroughly enjoyed the murals.  The illumination was so clever the way they unfolded, we loved them all but for most of us the “tree of life” was the absolute highlight.  The way the artist used the medium to get glimpses of patterns through cracks and the falling leaves was so beautiful.  Whilst more permanent murals would be great there was also something really lovely about how the artists cleverly used the temporary medium.  We also thought the choice of music was fab, and so suited all the works.
    Well done to everyone involved.
    Gill Hall
    (new resident to the area)

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