Museum of Sydney Projection Wall

On your next visit through Gadigal Country, in the area known as Warrane (Sydney Cove) you can now visit a permanent projection that has transformed the entry foyer of the Museum of Sydney. The dynamic animated feature projection utilises an original and rare surviving fragment of the 1788 façade from the very first Government House as the artistic canvas.

Illuminart consulted with the Museum’s curatorial team to collectively discuss the opportunities for interesting and authentic stories that could be represented in this feature. We also worked with their technical partners to detail and integrate the technical specifications into the project.

We then developed the work with the museums curators and designers, matching the interpretation of the stories with the assets, mapping historic and contemporary images, text, and animation onto the original architectural fragment.

The unique educational work is helping to bring the deeper stories and significance of the site to life in bold colours that highlight the architectural features.

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