Make a Wish Foundation – Dwayne goes to the Moon

Make-A-Wish Australia approached illuminart to help collaborate on an ambitions project to help make 4 year old Dwayne’s wish of going to the moon with Batman and Spiderman come true.

Working with our friends at Mosaic AV and with Qantas, an airport hangar at Adelaide Airport was converted into a ‘Moonbase’ for Dwayne, Spiderman and Batman to visit after Dwayne’s ‘flight to the moon’ in his specially chartered Qantas ‘rocket’ flight.

The ‘Moonscape’ itself was created by projecting around the sides of a room, to create a seamless view of outer space, complete with an Earthrise!

“When Dwayne was last in hospital having seizures, my little man was so very cute – they were trying to put in a drip and between the seizures and through all the hurt, he was telling the nurses about going to the moon,” Dwayne’s mum shared.

“Dwayne’s wish really distracts him from what he’s going through. He can’t stop telling people about it.” – Dwayne’s mum