Maitland Summer Lights Neon Nights 2021

During Summer Lights Neon Nights, illuminart gave a dazzling uplift to several iconic buildings and public spaces at The Levee with vibrant, immersive, looped projections.
Maitland’s High Street, parallel to the Hunter River, was transformed by a fantastic display as illuminart wrapped local landmarks with neon and ripple-themed glowing imagery that provided a spectacular centrepiece to the street activations. Families participated in glow-in-the-dark interactive activities, light shows, projection art, a DJ, and UV mini-golf as they strolled and mingled amongst the various displays that each of the projections offered.
  • The Post Office, with its tall, colonial clocktower and dramatic architecture, inspired illuminart to wrap colours around the building to create Eddie’s Neon Time Machine.  This pseudo-TARDIS tripped through time and space as the abstract projections emulated the turbulence found in air and water.  These flowing visual currents interacted with the architecture and connected to the river nearby, creating a vibrant presence in the street, even from quite a distance.

    The former Taylors building at 437 High Street has a wonderful frontage that seems much like the prow of a ship.  The curved façade became a central focus point for transforming her into a magical old fashioned steam boat.  Dubbed the
    ‘Neon Titanic’, the immersive scene allowed folks to strike a titanic pose on the “ships prow”!  The doorway became a prominent arch for the prow and created the perfect archway for Instagrammable moments, with a series of dramatic portals surrounding the doorway.  Light waves rippled away from either side of the doorway to create an adventurous and dramatic selfie opportunity.  We couldn’t resist adding weight to the moment by causing the prow to sink beneath the waves every so often!

    The ultra modern and symbolic Riverlink Building became a delectable Rainbow Ripple, with dramatic projections in the form of strong currents and ripples, the arch high above encapsulating the connective ebb and flow of the river.  Interactive sensors allowed the curious to discover they could have a surprising effect on the light as the ripples changed shape or colour and tiny swimming creatures began to play.  Looking up at the ceiling of the structure gave the effect of sunlight that has glanced onto the river before refracting upwards.  The sparkling colourful Riverlink felt like a refreshing swim in a vibrant rainbow!

    The Maitland City Library entrance is a great welcoming double curve that seems like outstretched arms.  Ken Done happened to be exhibiting there during Summer Lights Neon Nights.  Drenching the generous arc in saturated rippling colours created the sensation that we were being hugged by one of his artworks!
    We would like to thank our project partners Maitland City Council for sharing the vision and for working with us through the technical logistics and installation plans so that the community could safely and freely enjoy each activation as it was intended.
  • Photographer – Josh Stephenson, Ready Aim Media
  • Project ID # 1254