Luminous Hall @ UWA

The Centenary of the University of Western Australia was celebrated with luminous events and installations on the 8th of February 2013. Illuminart created an audiovisual mapped projection that transformed Winthrop Hall with architecturally mapped narrative commemorating UWA’s history.

Illuminart animated a large number of historic photographs, many sourced directly from the UWA Archives, to reveal fascinating perspectives of the University and its part in the history of Western Australia. Narration and wonderful voice re-enactments by the Well Versed group were part of the audio compositions bringing the narrative and historic material to life. The show featured music composed by graduates of the University of Western Australia, compositions and audio arrangements by Samantha Ray and Trilby Temperley, Western Australian artists and animators were involved alongside the illuminart team, to bring skills and experience to the Perth community.

Luminous Hall is an architectural projection narrative of the form illuminart call Architectural Storytelling, as it combines the techniques of mapped projection with narrative threads depicting the chronology of the building and heritage of the local community. Moving beyond son et lumier, the form uses methods of community engagement to draw out personal stories as well as official histories.

Cindi and her team of artists impressed everyone who worked with them with their skills as projection artists and animators able to create an engaging and evocative work.

Paul Johnson (Vice Chancellor, University of WA)