Leeton Water Tower Permanent Projection

A major feature in the development of Chelmsford Place will be a permanent projection system for the Leeton Water Tower, to become a nightly gallery space and attraction for visiting tourists. This is an innovative alternative to a mural, as it can continue to evolve and develop over time. Leeton Shire Council engaged permanent projection specialists, illuminart stories in light, to design the system for the Water Tower and work with council during the site works, to upgrade the precinct to accomodate this new feature.

Stories in light are a powerful way for community to connect, remember, reinterpret and create new visions.

As part of the process of developing the projection media, illuminart consulted with the community to develop local themes and interested creative collaborators. These suggestions and contributions have informed directions that the creative team will take when devising launch and future stories in light, to be projected on the water tower.

The elements for the projection are developed by Alice Peacock, a leading digital creative in the region and a leading art director/animator in the illuminart team.

In Feburary 2023, Tyson and Alice visited the Riverina town to undertake important projection and site tests. During the test, local people gathered to enjoy pixel mapping and test projections onto the iconic Art Deco structure and its beautiful crown.

Chelmsford Place features three towers, which were built at different times. If you’d like to find out more about the history behind the beautiful geometric design of the crown on the Leeton towers and the buildings themselves, check out this interesting blog.

The Leeton Water Tower projection is a wonderful way to help celebrate and express this region’s unique identity and heritage and shine a light on Leeton, whether it’s an image, words, story, artwork, request or photo.

Community Contributions

Now we are calling on local people of all ages to contribute to the launch of the permanent projection system.  The theme is proud moments in the community.

If you are part of the Leeton Shire community you can share photos, artworks, or words of things which make you a proud member of the Leeton community via the contribution form below.

Become a creative part of this unique projection!  Contributions are currently open. Contribute here.

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