Landed @ Junction 2010 Festival, Launceston

This project was commissioned for the artistic program of Junction 2010, the biennial National Regional Arts Conference.

Launceston’s landmark Henty House provided a canvas for projection mapping as an artistic medium. This prime example of brutalist style architecture was transformed by the creation of an illuminated audiovisual narrative mapped to the architecture, presented over 5 nights of the Junction 2010 National Regional Arts Festival.

The story within the projection was divided into chapters of “plank time” (a play on the words “planck time” (being the smallest possible measurement of light / time) as well as connecting to the timber reference). Henty House has concrete formwork sections that are imprinted with a woodgrain pattern, as though the building has been constructed of planks. The story imagines an enormous and ancient tree cut down in 1983 to construct the building, and the historic occurances during the “life” of that tree as well as references to logging, extinction, invasion, settlement, transplation (migration), protests, politics and climate change that occurred from settlement until the year it was “felled” in 1983.

    • Cindi Drennan Artist / Project director
    • Craig Laurendet Sculptor / Installation Architect
    • Steve Mayhew Creative Producer
    • Dyonne Barberie Project Coordinator
    • Penny Camens Project Coordinator
    • Sam McMahon Cavalry
    • Ian Pidd Director, Artistic Program Junction 2010
    • Angela Driver General Manager, Junction 2010
    • Megan Jolly Program Manager, Junction 2010
    • Krista Horbatiuk Project Manager, Junction 2010
    • Joe Pickett AD / Venue Support
    • Hector Beveridge Photography
    • Patrick Sutczak Photography
    • Thomas Ryan Photography
  • Landed Examiner Article

  • Project ID # 400