Padla Ngalungga Kinipapa – Cooper Creek, Our Country

In an exploration of the lesser known local perspectives on the Burke and Wills stories, a unique evening show “Padla Ngalungga Kinipapa, Cooper Creek, Our Country”, with its illuminated stories by the glowing firelight, surprised and delighted visitors in Innamincka, South Australia every evening during July 2022.

More recently, Cindy Schafer, traditional owner of the Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka, and Justin Morrisey from team illuminart, have been in the recording studio for the production of a fascinating audio tour of the history of the Innamincka township. The audio tour will feature Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka stories of Kinipapa in the context of the Expedition and will be accessible via GPS on an ongoing basis.

This stage of the project augments the informative stories in light that adorned the homestead and warmed travellers to Innamincka last year. It’s exciting to see how advances in technology can help us to discover deeper layers of places where there is little or no mobile reception.

Very soon this incredible story will once again light up the exterior of the Park Headquarters at the Innamincka Regional Reserve with the wonderful artwork of Lionel Kerwin, animated by illuminart. Stay tuned for weather updates, hitch your van, grab your swag, or book into the various accommodation options and discover this incredible region.

Skye and John, two travellers who found the site under lights by chance last year and wrote about it, share some great blogs of their travels all over the countryside. You can find them here. You can also learn much more about the historical uses of the Park Headquarters and see it in the daylight here.

Produced by @Illuminart working alongside the Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka Traditional Land Owners Aboriginal Corporation and South Australian Native Title Services.

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"There was a bonfire to keep warm and the Starlight Cinema was stunning"

Skye and John, Take It Ezy

    ​​Padla Ngalungga Kinipapa
    ​​Cooper Creek, Our, Country

    ​​Produced by the Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka Traditional Land Owners Aboriginal Corporation (RNTBC) and South Australian Native Title Services Ltd
    ​​Aaron Paterson
    ​​Leslie Harris Snr
    ​​Lionel Kerwin
    ​​Patrick Ferguson
    ​​Sharon Guttie
    ​​Spoken by:
    ​​Aaron Paterson
    ​​Cindy Schaffer
    ​​Les Harris Jnr
    ​​Songs by:
    ​​Benny Kerwin
    ​​Willy Harris

    With thanks to:
    Innamincka Progress Association
    Department for Environment and Water
    Innamincka Hotel

    ​This project has received grant funding from the Australian Government.

  • Project ID # 1314