Karoonda Silo Art: free attraction with Mural and Projection Art

The District Council of Karoonda East Murray have the special distinction of having established Australia’s first permanent Silo projection, Karoonda Silo Art – operating every evening from sunset, since June 2018, with a unique combination of static mural art forming a frame for the nightly projection.

Illuminart were involved from the earliest stages of the project assisting the Council to develop concepts and designs, and also presenting a test projection during the community Farm Day to have community feedback.  After a successful funding application, the Council engaged illuminart to work on the permanent installation and collaborate with mural artist Heesco, to ensure the mural and projection worked well together.

The permanent projection commenced at the Colour Up Karoonda festival on Sunday 16 June, to officially launch the project. The first month-long projection artwork was contributed by artists around SA. Since then, the projection has featured a selection of artworks curated as a series of digital art exhibitions.

Karoonda East Murray District’s Mayor, Caroline Phillips, described the ‘day and night’ project as a unique and innovative way for people to come together and enjoy public art in a small, rural South Australian town by day and by night.

“The Karoonda silo art project transpired from the drought which is still affecting our community, and after feedback from our community and local business group it was decided that we needed to Colour Up Karoonda to lift people’s spirits, reinvigorate town pride and to bring people into our community,” explained Mayor Phillips. “The Karoonda Silos will then be transformed forever with a unique permanent display of art featuring paint by day and projection by night,” said Mayor Phillips.

In 2021, the Karoonda Silo Art won 1st prize (Gold) in the Mega Mural category of the Australian Street Art Awards, and also won the “Best of the Best” in the awards, in recognition of the outstanding project.

This project has been made possible with funding assistance provided under the Federal Government’s Drought Communities Program.

This is an incredible opportunity to showcase South Australian artistic talent on the massive Karoonda silos! We thank Illuminart, Viterra and the Federal Government for making this possible.

District Council of Karoonda East Murray Mayor Caroline Phillips