Interactive Mood Lanterns

Tap a lantern’s pendant to change its illumination colour to suit your mood. Interact with a group of them, to shift the mood lighting for a space to a spectrum and pattern that pleases you.

The interactive mood lanterns are created in workshops led by illuminart, involving textile artists and electronics makers in collaboration. The ever growing number of lanterns use salvaged fabrics and recycled plastics, and the interactive electronics incorporate arduino, LED and piezo microphones.

Each unique lantern expresses the artist’s choices of material and fabrication, and your choice of mood. Build your own and be part of a movement that combines salvage, illumination and innovation.

The Lanterns look beautiful both night and day and shift through different colour light patterns as people interact with them. The project is produced/directed by Cindi Drennan and involves an ongoing collaboration between SA and NSW textile artists and electronic makers. 

Project Team