Harts Mill Inhabited

Harts Mill Inhabited was a narrative about the story of Hart’s Mill, told through animation mapped to the architectural features of the five story building. Presented over three nights of the Port Festival 2009, it was South Australia’s first fully animated building son et lumiere incorporating narrative projection.

The story is told as though through the eyes and experiences of the Harts Mill itself, as if it is a character of many years’ knowledge telling the younger buildings on the western shore of the Port River, what it has seen and may yet see.

Illuminart developed the story through consultation with local groups and interested residents of Port Adelaide.

Harts Mill Inhabited was restaged in May 2014 at the new Harts Mill public park. 

Magnificent ... a triumph of the Port Festival ..... a remarkable piece of work by Illuminart.

Derek Rogers
    • Cindi Drennan Writer / Director / Animator
    • Emma Webb Creative Producer
    • Danica Wells-Heitmann Animator
    • Lou Bennet Composer
    • Kathryn Sproul Site Manager / Costume Designer
    • Margaret Crompton Production Manager
    • Craig Williams (Mosaic AV) and team AV Installation
    • Tsubi Du Ship's Ghost
    • Juniper Ship's Ghost
    • Kingsley Haskett Face of the Mill
  • HMI in the Adelaide Review

    “Re-staging this show after more than five years is allowing us to revisit Hart’s Mill precinct, to celebrate the landmark building and the impact that the community has had in preserving their heritage” Article on Stories Well Told by Helene Sobolewski







    “Loved the show last night and the super friendly ushers. Fantastic story telling. Thank you”

    Sonya Irlam

  • Project ID # 300