Fractured Heart: Interactive Projection Sculpture

Fractured Heart is a interactive audiovisual mapped projection sculpture, which illuminates with geometric colours and generates music in response to performative movements of “players” from the audience.

Fractured Heart was first presented as the backdrop to Gotye’s live performance during the 2011 ARIA Awards. Innovations to track user gesture to trigger audio and remix songs were added to turn it into a synaesthetic visual remix instrument and it was presented in Sydney 2012 in the VIVID Light Walk.

In late 2012 the sculpture was collected for long term exhibition at the National Film and Sound Archive, as an exemplar of Australian hybrid arts innovation. The beautiful interactive sculpture was displayed in the main gallery of the National Film and Sound Archive in Canberra from late 2012 to early 2015.

Fractured Heart is not only a poetic and fun way to engage with music, sounds and light animation. It is also important as a 'living’ document of Gotye’s interdisciplinary creative approach, and of illuminart’s highly innovative artistic output combining sculpture, performance, and intermedia art.

NFSA CEO Michael Loebenstein
    • Craig Laurendet Sculptor / Interaction designer
    • Wally De Backer (Gotye) Musician / Composer
    • Cindi Drennan Technical Director
    • Eleven Music Music Agents for Gotye
    • Luku Kukuku Animator / Programmer
    • Sean Healy VJ Operator at ARIA event
    • Trevor Collict Technical Support / Electronics
    • Andre Finno Technical Assistant at ARIA event
    • Salmagundi Studios Fabrication Venue
    • Pierre, Serafina, Claire Studio Invigilators (VIVID)
    • Naomi Lamb Photography
    • Alex Mitchell Quartz Composer programming consultant
    • Scarlett Barnett Studio Invigilator (NFSA)
  • A fractured heart created by the Illuminart team and ARIA Award winning performer Gotye alone is something not to be missed. Combining dazzling animations with unique musical notes when played as a harp by the audience, the interactive instrument is said to be a highlight of the walk.  Poster Magazine, 26th May 2012

    Walsh Bay Light Walk will lead visitors through sculptures … all culminating in the climactic Fractured Heart … a collaboration between the illuminart team behind the festival and ARIA winner, Goyte.    …     It celebrates what Sandra Chipchase, CEO of Destination NSW, calls “theatrical, human movement. Artshub, May 15 2012



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