East End Echoes

East End Echoes was an ambitious storytelling and creative heritage project by illuminart’s team of artist-animators and creative collaborators, commissioned for the inaugural Illuminate Adelaide festival.

A night-time trail of light and sound featuring installations and projections on building facades fascinated crowds along one of Adelaide’s most popular precincts as part of Adelaide’s free City Light’s program.

The self-guided walking circuit of lighting, projections and soundscapes included enriching tales of the precinct’s colourful history and characters.

The project ran between the 16th July and 2nd August 2021.

QR codes on the street during the project helped you locate the sound track.  Now you can play it within the embedded window below.

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Audio story only, will stream from your device.


Fully captioned video below providing the stories and animation cues.

  • The trail of projections and light storytelling illuminated 12 landmarks along the Rundle Street and adjacent laneways, each capturing aspects the interwoven histories of people who have lived and journeyed in the East End.

    East End Echoes was designed by illuminart to be an immersive experience. Following the light trail while listening to the audiovisual track, visitors met many of the people who inspired the playful projections transforming the buildings. It was fun to uncover the clues to kaleidoscopic arrays of vegetables, deconstructed daubist art, and firecracker fashions, all while strolling along the street listening to the voices, sound and music.

    One of the spectacular sites on the trail was the East End Market gateway, located on the Union Street entranceway to Ebenezer Lane. Many decades ago it was the site of much hustle and bustle, as market gardeners trucked in their boxes of produce, grown in Virginia greenhouses and beyond, selling to the people of Adelaide well before dawn broke. This gave Rundle Street a 24 hour life cycle of market growers, businesses, community and the cultivation of creativity at all hours.

    While a stunning artists-eye-view of the East End Market and its neighbours unfolded through the projection onto the Gateway, the soundscape offered a deeper emotional interaction. The calling voices of the past shared with listeners a sense of pride, opportunity, tragedy, loss, romance, grief, and the complex feelings about change that happens around us in the urban landscape, with an understanding of whose footsteps have echoed in this gateway.

    The creative team at illuminart interviewed widely to capture the stories and develop the soundscapes and projection installations. Recordings of community members, business owners, former residents and creative people were interwoven with performed voice and soundscape elements, into a 45 minute walking track. The 12 sites were able to be viewed in any order and didn’t require you to listen or watch all in one setting. All that was needed was to BYO headphones and mobile device, listen and explore.

    Listening to the unfolding stories of people who lived and created in years gone by, while strolling past an array of historic material and surreal memories, brought a deeper dimension to light – the past among the present – to all the sites along the East End Echoes trail.

    Thanks to all the contributors who shared memories for the project story and to Tim Gladdis Photography – Timgladddis.com – for historic East End photographs.

    • Andy Petrusevics Lead Visual Artist / Animator
    • Michael Mills (Heaps Good Productions) Storytelling Voices and Interviews
    • DJ TR!P Music Loops
    • Zero Shaw Art Dept Manager, Projection Mapping
    • Cindi Drennan Research, Projection Design
    • Craig Laurendet Projection Mapping
    • Care Vaughan (Zilm Studios) Illustration (Sym Choon Graphics)
    • Michael Mills, Georgia Broomhall Character Voices
    • Karl Telfer, Andy Petrusevics, Razak Mohammed, Colin Corso, Jennifer Layther, Driller Jet Armstrong, Monica Corduff Gonzales, Tim Gladdis, Kath Wilden, Simon Loffler, Danica Morgan, Frank Vaianam, Greg Bannon, Felix Hill Voices of the East End
    • Tim Gladdis (Tim Gladdis Photography) East End Market Photographer
    • Danica Morgan Artwork & Photos from Exasketch Era
    • Alison Lea Photography of bands
    • Driller Jet Armstrong Photography, Mural elements
    • Zero Shaw Video of Bands
    • Exasketch Artists Sketches
    • Andy Petrusevics Helicopter Man, Scooter Man
    • Karl Telfer, Keith Conlon, Catherine Manning, Steve Maras, Debbie Williams, Megan Collins, Corinne Ball, Tim Gladdis Research and Advice
    • Craig Williams and the Mosaic Audio Visual Team Technical Supplier (Projection)
    • AJ Sound Technical Supplier (Lighting)
    • Jayden Sutherland (Illuminate Adelaide) Technical Manager for illuminate Adelaide