Cheer Up Hut Club Digital Story Partnership

The Cheer Up Hut Club is a South Australian program support regional SA people researching their family’s ANZAC stories. The team collected ANZAC stories in collaboration with community members and preserved them in an Oral History collection.

Devised and implemented by the Anzac Centenary Coordination Unit (ACCU) within Veterans SA, the collection and is part of their regional engagement strategy to provide as many South Australians as possible with an opportunity to share their Anzac stories during the Anzac Centenary (2014-2018).

Illuminart is involved in the program to support the technical and educational process of oral history story collection, encouraging people to build skills and develop their contribution to this collection.

Cheer Up Hut ClubIf you have an ANZAC story to tell you can sign up to a guided online educational resource covering the process of developing a story, presenting it and turning it in to a completed project ready for collection.

You’ll be able to attend workshops at the Cheer Up Hut Club in your region and record your story there.

Our team members are present, assisting regional people to build confidence to tell their story, develop and record it to digital media.

If you have a keen interest in making sure that your ANZAC story is told and preserved for future generations, jump on board and sign up to the ANZAC Centenary Coordination Unit’s Cheer Up Hut Club here.