Projection feature at The Baron Samedi Spiced Activations

Campari Australia are featuring projection as a significant activation of the launch for The Baron Samedi Spiced, beginning at The Argyle in The Rocks, Sydney.

Illuminart visual artist and animator, Andy Petrusevics, created animation revealing stories all of the parts of the mysterious Baron Samedi logo, to create an impactful visual representation of the complex mix of Caribbean folklore figures coming together to form “The Baron”.

Campari Australia also wanted to be able to set the projection up in other venues to enable launches and activations to take place around the country. Illuminart’s Cindi Drennan and Andy McIntyre worked with Campari to advise the most suitable projection equipment giving them the greatest flexibility in sites, and supplied the projection and playback equipment. Campari have plans to  leverage the equipment and animation over many launches and events into the future.


Other Info

More information about the myseterious logo, from the Baron Samedi web site:

“In Haitian lore, The Baron lives between worlds.

You’re drawn to his dark smile, his infectious thirst for the daring and the bold. So you follow him: The Baron Samedi, the ultimate guardian of all things enchantingly dark and other worldly; the Haitian master of the dead; the ever-cool and confident guide to a world shrouded in shadows and riddled with enigma.

Project Team

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