Aus Lights on the River 2023

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Aus Lights on the River 2023 brought an exciting new vision to Elder Park this Summer that built on the successful inaugural Aus Lights on the River 2022.

Illuminart are proud to have been involved in the event in a variety of ways. Company Director and co-founder Cindi Drennan was engaged as the Creative Director for the event, and worked closely with collaborators including Karl Winda Telfer (Yellaka – Old Wisdom, New Ways), Kristen Messenger (Science Educator, Bugsnslugs), artists Monica Prichard and Michelle Jahn, Evelyn Roth and the team at Nylon Zoo, to curate a number of installations which supported the overarching themes of the event.

Illuminart technical and creative team members worked together on unique story animation, soundscapes, curated film research, and installations for the site, supported by Epson through sponsorship of high powered projectors. Illuminart coordinated with acclaimed event providers including AJs Light and Sound, Howard and Sons fireworks, Apollo electrical, Eventwise and many other well known South Australian companies.

The creative program explored the themes of Belonging to Country and Connecting to Nature, showcasing Our SA Story through immersive visually engaging light, vision, and sound installations supported with complimentary children’s activations. Illuminart compiled visual displays from public contributions related to the themes, which appeared across a number of large screens throughout the event.

This glowing two afternoon-into-evening event was held in Elder Park on the 25th and 26th of January 2023 and brought South Australian people together in reflection and acknowledgement of the uniquely interwoven perspectives of our identity and culture.  Created in collaboration with First Nation elders and traditional owners, Aus Lights on the River connected all of us with our collective story.

Families and friends of all ages wandered with wonder while exploring a number of glorious light installations, artistic displays and immersive activities that lit up the evening across the vista of Elder Park, courtesy of a number of South Australian artists. Thank you to the 33,000 people attended Aus Lights on the River across 25 and 26 January 2023.

We couldn't imagine living anywhere else!

  • MOVING IMAGE shared a flowing spring of ideas, thoughts, stories moving between people, allowing you to see yourself in a showcase of short films, images and media from around South Australia. The innovative Yaintya Makkitura Moving Image Screens combined screen installation with an immersive video experience that shared South Australian stories. The call for community media contributions to this space received many responses for consideration.  Though the call has now closed, you can find out more details about how contributions were submitted here.

    I SEE, I WITNESS filled the Rotunda with a giant storytelling lantern, representing the fascinating world of the magnificent River Redgum from a seed through to ancient living sentinel and home to countless life.  This magical animated story is a new collaboration between Kristen Messenger, Karl Telfer, Susanne Wegener, Cindi Drennan and Zero Shaw.

    The Adelaide Festival Shells were adorned with a beautiful illumination representing the Six Seasons as they are experienced in the Adelaide Plains region.

    ECOMAZE AND STORY SPACES Families were able to ‘Look Listen Learn’ as some of these installations offered a way inside to see stories while others offered a maze to explore, listen and watch.

    CREATIVE MAKERS Children and families were able to explore a variety of inclusive, immersive activities with generative elements to inspire all ages as we collaborate into the future.

    Find the full event program at the Australia Day Council SA website.

    Thank you for joining us at Elder Park for Aus Lights on the River 2023!

  • Kristen Messenger – Science Educator, Bugsnslugs Science Communication
    Karl Winda Telfer YELLAKA – ‘Old Wisdom-New Ways’ – cultural consultant/media contributor
    Vicki Sowry – Consultant
    Pete Ardron – Composer
    Samantha Ray – Vocals
    Georgia Northcott- Research
    Seana O’Brien – Production

  • A newspaper clipping from January 10, 2023 about Aus Lights on the River in Elder Park Adelaide from 25-26 January 2023.

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