Aus Lights on the River 2024

Aus Lights on the River is an annual event that brings people together to share conversation and create meaning around what it means to be living in Australia.  Unique animations and soundscapes, curated film research, and installations for the site have been supported by Epson through sponsorship of high powered projectors, as part of their Epson Projection Art Ambassador program.

Illuminart were involved to support the event through the leadership of Cindi Drennan as Creative Director of the Aus Lights visual installations program, to which illuminart added a stunning Rotunda projection, illustrious projection on to the Festival Centre, immersive animation of a dome, and contributions to the digital screens on stage.

This year’s creative program continued to explore the themes of Belonging to Country and Connecting to Nature, showcasing South Australia through immersive visually engaging light, vision, and sound installations supported with complimentary hands-on creative making experiences for families and children.

The Luminous Currents seaquarium and the Leaping Light of waterways, were augmented by the appearance Sparkle the Cuttlefish from Whyalla. Audiences were invited to lose themselves into a Marine Maze, dive into the Odyssey Dome for a VR undersea adventure, bask on the banks of our Illuminated Country with something scrumptious from the Food Hub and enjoy the Cinematic Fireworks.

This glowing two afternoon-into-evening event was held in Elder Park on the 25th and 26th of January 2024 to bring South Australian people together in reflection and acknowledgement of the uniquely interwoven perspectives of our identity and culture.  Created in collaboration with First Nation elders and traditional owners, Aus Lights on the River connects all of us with our collective story.

This is an exciting vision in Elder Park that builds on the successes of the inaugural Aus Lights on the River 2022 and Aus Lights on the River 2023.

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We couldn't imagine living anywhere else!

  • Carl Charter operates his own business, Experience Marine Sanctuaries , travelling all over South Australia, introducing marine life to experts and novices alike through regular diving experiences and fun educational experiences. He is passionate about marine ecology and caters for the accessibility needs of all people. Step into virtual reality with footage taken with incredible, 360° cameras. , kids and kids at heart will be able to dive headfirst toward the ocean floor, getting up close and personal with an array of marine life.

    Georgia Northcott is an inspiring and insightful regional SA Artist from the Spencer Gulf who runs her own business in Port Pirie. She is working remotely for illuminart on this project in a supporting creative development capacity. This builds on previous project work with the team over the last several years including The Salty Forest and Constellation Stories in Light.

    Kristen Messenger is the ‘bug lady’ and her team are regularly on the go all over South Australia showcasing their menagerie of creatures. Kris has played some incredible roles within the development of key waterside facilities. Her knowledge of not only the creatures, big and small that live within our waterways, but how they interact with the animals that fly above and live alongside is second to none. She most recently worked with illuminart on the Salty Forest project in Port Pirie. Kris is joining us on this project as a workshop facilitator.

    Monica Pritchard regularly runs workshops for juniors and her clever craft brain loves utilising recycled materials. Find Monica at the evening workshops alongside Michelle and Kristen helping us all keep South Australia’s aquatic life thriving and beautiful.

    Evelyn Ross is the founder of the colourful and immersive Nylon Zoo, bringing to life recycled materials, to create vibrant inflatable creatures that light up events. This year, Sparkles the cuttlefish will help colour our the imaginations of attendees as they quite literally dive within this beautiful creature, place a costume over their clothing, and take their own role within the teams beloved ‘storytelling’ experience.

    Gail Rostig is a core part of the team at Whyalla City Council and is a driving force in the city’s Cuttlefest, She is dedicated to helping promote regional arts and culture.  Thanks to Gail, the City of Whyalla and Evelyn Roth, Sparkles the cuttlefish joins us as a special guest at this year’s Aus Lights on the River.

    Pete Ardron and Samantha Ray are long term musical collaborators who were commissioned to compose for the Cinematic Fireworks and also provided the supporting seaquarium soundscape “Interuterion“.

  • Phil Hind, Don – Cutting Edge Services
    James – Bugs and Slugs
    Karl Chehade – Chehade Dry Cleaners
    Simon Tait – Ad Movement
    Marty Hopkins – Reactor Media
    Debbie Seater – Marine illustrations
    Kerryn Hislop – Marine illustrations

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