“The Departure” 2015 Anzac Centenary Albany WA

Following the success of illuminart’s Architectural Storytelling projection projects developed in Albany during 2014, illuminart has continued the cross regional collaboration with local artists to produce “The Departure”, presented on Anzac Centenary 2015.

The story was drawn from the diary accounts of three soldiers interwoven with extracts of the book The Lighthouse Girl by Albany author Dianne Wolfer. Local actors provided voice performance and photographs, video, artwork and music were created by local artists with the support of illuminart and partner organisations.

The completed project was projected on to the Albany Town Hall on the 24, 25, 26 April 2015 to mark the centenary of Anzacs landing at Gallipoli. It was accompanied by storytelling projections drawing on the true stories from local people with an ANZAC in their family.

WOW!!! This is awesome work everyone - very well done to everyone involved in the project.

Albany have a Chat
    • Cindi Drennan Creative Producer
    • Tash Rolfe Project Manager
    • Simon Woodward Dramaturg and Voice Actor
    • Zero Animator
    • Andy Petrusevics Animator
    • Tarquin Smart Voice Actor
    • Benn Gray Voice Actor
    • Saskia Smart Voice Actor
    • Jon Doust Voice Actor
    • Terry Siva Sound Recording, Voice Actor
    • Brodie Green Audio Production
    • Steve Tilling Projection Support
    • Marty Hopkins Projection Support
    • Clinton Camac Projection Support
    • Albany Film Users Group Photography
    • Albany Historical Society Research and Support
    • Dianne Wolfer Author (Lighthouse girl)
    • Brian Simmonds Illustrator (Lighthouse Girl)

    Project Consortium: a partnership between illuminart and Aeon Songs

    Project Manager – Ian Lilburne (Aeon Songs)
    Artistic Director / Projection Designer – Cindi Drennan (illuminart)
    Production Management / Lighting Designer – Damien Hanson


    THE DEPARTURE (PRESENTED IN 2014 and extended in 2015)

    Artistic Director / SA Project Management
    Cindi Drennan (Illuminart)

    Albany Producton & WA Project Management
    Tash Rolfe 2015
    Ian Lilburne 2014
    Damien Hanson 2014

    Voice Actors (Albany Region)

    in order of appearance

    • Carol Pettersen (Welcome to Country)
    • John Maddison (Henry Lawson)
    • Rachael Colmer (May Vivienne)
    • Jay Cook (Prime Minister Cook)
    • Saskia Smart (Fay Howe)
    • Jon Doust (King George, other voices)
    • Mick Doherty (Sgt Lazeron)
    • Benn Gray (William Angus Kirkland)
    • Tarquin Smart (Archie Albert Barwick)
    • Simon Woodward (George E E Kelly)
    • Selina Hill (Poem)
    • Todd Evans (Soldiers’ voices)
    • Terry Siva (Charlie)
    • Marianne Chester (Thelma Steele)
    • Nic Spanbroek (Poem)

    Actors & Models (Albany Region)

    • Isobel Guille
    • Carol Ann O’Connor
    • Victoria Rathbone
    • Belinda Rowland
    • The Albany Light Opera and Theatre Company
    • Members & families of the Albany RSL
    • Members, Aust. Army Cadets, Albany.
    • Members,The Princess Royal Fortress

    Animators / Video Artists

    • Andy Petrusevics (Illuminart)
    • Zero Shaw (Illuminart)
    • Luku Kukuku (Illuminart)
    • Al Ferguson (Wild Things Creative)
    • Greg McKee (Wild Things Creative)
    • John Carberry
    • Cindi Drennan (Illuminart)

    Photographers / Video (Albany Region)

    • Julian Blogg
    • Ric Boyd
    • John Carberry
    • Ben Reynolds
    • Julie Holland
    • Anita Hotker
    • Warren Lilford.
    • Barbara Maddern
    • Ben Reynolds
    • Bob Symons


    • Brian Simmonds (Lighthouse Girl drawings) Courtesy Fremantle Press
    • Noongar Art for opening collage provided by the artists of the Mungart Boodja Arts Centre
    • Luke “Zero” Shaw

    Script and Storyboard

    • Cindi Drennan
    • Andy Petrusevics


    • Roger Cunnington
    • Sue Smith
    • Malcolm Traill

    Original Texts

    • Selina Hill : poem – Why Were They Going?
    • Julie Holland: poem – The Light Horse at Sea
    • Soldier VX9203: poem – Albany, A Jewel in a Granite Setting
    • Dianne Wolfer: The Lighthouse Girl (Courtesy Fremantle Press)
    • John Saunders: Superintendent Jeremy McGuire
    • Jon Doust: Roy and Amos
    • Vicki Savage: The Treasures at War
    • Ian Lilburne (Writer, Researcher, Editor of various parts):
      • The Noongar ANZAC Legacy: Writer and Researcher
      • The Treasures at War: Co-writer
      • A Father Never Known: Co-writer
      • The War That Never Ended: Writer
      • Superintendent Jeremy McGuire: Co-writer
      • The Light Horse at Sea: Co Writer

    Historic Texts

    • Private Archie Barwick (diary)
    • Captain Walter Belford (letter)
    • Prime Minister Joseph Cook (diary and speeches)
    • Major Samuel Everett (personal diary)
    • King George V (speech)
    • Lieutenant G.E.E. Kelly (personal diary)
    • Sergeant William Kirkland (personal diary)
    • Sergeant Charles Laseron (personal diary)
    • Henry Lawson (‘Albany Before the Boom’)
    • Captain RTA McDonald (official war diary)
    • Thelma Steele (oral history Voiceprints)
    • May Vivienne (from ‘Travels in Western Australia.’)
    • Lt Colonel Wanliss (official war diary)

    Musicians / Composers

    • Murray Dowsett (Hic Jacet piano version – Lighthouse Girl theme)
    • Morse sequence – Thomas James
    • Didjeridoo and clap sticks performed by Ryan Humphries




    A story about the Doust cousins from Bridgetown told through the eyes of Roy Doust.

    • Written, directed by Jon Doust
    • Performed by Jon Doust
    • Camera and editing by John Carberry
    • Sound recording by Terry Siva with support of Radio West


    A fictional story representing a character of the day, written by Albany resident John Saunders.

    • Written by John Saunders with Ian Lilburne as co-writer
    • Image research by Cindi Drennan
    • Voice of Simon Woodward
    • Composited by John Carberry


    A documentary of Albany residents perceptions and reflections on photographs and events of the First World War.

    • Concept and direction by Julian Blogg (Cineshots)
    • Featuring local residents
    • Image research by Julian Blogg with support of Albany Historical Society, WA Museum


    A collection of video documentaries produced by the ABC Open Channel, with many contributions from South Eastern. The following films were curated by Suzannah Lyons, ABC Open Producer.

    • Trench Warfare in the Fields of WA
    • Wedding Cake Survives World War 1
    • The Bugle’s Battle Cry
    • Pendant Evokes the Emotional Cost of War
    • Trench Art
    • The Last Post
    • Love
    • War Reflections
    • Taking Damascus in Dardanup


    Based on the oral history of Patricia Davies (nee Hamlin) telling the family story of her parent’s marriage and her father’s service in the First World War.

    • Script by Ian Lilburne derived from an oral history.
    • Voice of Nicole Spanbroek
    • Animated by Zero (Luke Shaw)
    • Featuring images from the Albany Historical Society collection.


    Research by local historian Malcolm Traill supports the oral history and memories of living Albany resident, Joan Bayly, who attended the first Dawn Service at five years of age.

    • Written by Ian Lilburne and Malcolm White based on oral history recording and other research
    • Voice of Joan Bayly (from oral history) and Melanie Hayward
    • Interview by Suzannah Lyons ABC Open producer.
    • Image research by Malcolm White
    • Composited by Zero (Luke Shaw)
    • Images from Albany Historical Society and WA Museum.


    A description by Julie Holland set into verse by Ian Lilburne, re-enacted by the 10th LH Re-enactment Troop, photographed by the Albany Film Users Group and combined into a video collage by animator Andy Petrusevics

    • Writer Julie Holland (text)
    • Co-writer Ian Lilburne (verse)
    • Voice of Nicole Spanbroek
    • Composited by Andy Petrusevics


    • Photographs of The Light House girl by Ben Reynolds
    • Extracts from The Lighthouse Girl (the story of Faye Howe) written by Albany author, Dianne Wolfer (courtesy of Fremantle Press)
    • Voice of Saskia Smart
    • Music Simone Keane Life’s Ocean and Murray Dowsett Hic Jacet (Instrumental version)
    • Charcoal drawings by Brian Simmonds.



    Event Production Team

    • illuminart’s production logistic coordinator: Damien Hanson
    • Brodie Green (Audio Production)
    • Studios – Southern Cross Austereo
    • Terry Siva (Sound Engineer – Southern Cross Austereo)
    • Projectors supplied by Mosaic AV
    • Structures by Albany Scaffold Hire
    • Event Management by Project 3

    Projector Operators

    • Clinton Camac
    • Martin Hopkins
    • Steve Tilling
    • MOBILE PROJECTION by John Carberry with help of Dave Gillett

    The producers wish to thank the following people for their support.

    • The Albany Light Opera & Theatre Company
    • Louise Allerton (Mungart Boodja)
    • Father Ed Argyle (St John’s Church)
    • Harry Ball (Bunbury Light Horse Assn)
    • Sean Bolt (Albany Port Authority)
    • Colleen Brooks (St John’s Church)
    • John Carberry
    • Rob Cardile (Cardile’s Fireworks)
    • Lance Chad
    • Noel Chambers (Dept of Transport)
    • Adam Cousins (City of Albany)
    • Jay Cook and Selina Hill
    • Roger Cunnington
    • Paul Davies-Reid (Albany Sea and Rescue Squad)
    • Bill Dixon and Rod Goater, President of the Veteran Car Club
    • Jon Doust
    • Cathy Driver (Department of Culture and the Arts)
    • Sarah Drummond
    • Todd Evans (Southern Cross Austereo)
    • Andrew Eyden (Albany Historical Society)
    • Kath Gibblet
    • Brodie Green (Southern Cross Austereo)
    • Cheryle James-Wallace (City of Albany)
    • CMDR Rebecca Jeffcoat (Royal Australian Navy)
    • Mick Letchford (Matrix Productions)
    • Kim Lofts
    • Sally Malone
    • Andrew Markovs
    • Amanda McCormack and collection staff at National Film &Sound Archive
    • Val Milne (St John’s Church)
    • Paul Nielsen (Albany Library)
    • Claire Parker and team at Project 3
    • Amber Perryman (Vancouver Arts Centre)
    • Will Piercey (CBH)
    • Tash Rolfe
    • Southern Edge Arts
    • Catherine Salmaggi (WA Museum Albany)
    • Terry Siva (Southern Cross Austereo)
    • Sue Smith (Albany Library)
    • LCDR1 Mick Stewart (Royal Australian Navy)
    • Bob and Thelma Symons
    • David Theodore (Curator – Princess Royal Fortress Military Museum)
    • Greg Thornton (CBH)
    • Katrina Tibbets (Southern Cross Austereo)
    • Rod Vervest
    • Maxine Waterhouse (Albany Light Horse Assn)
    • Tim Wilkinson (Albany Sea Rescue Squad)
    • Craig Williams (Mosaic AV)
    • Brad Williamson (Albany Port Authority)
    • Desmond Woods (Royal Australian Navy)
    • Rachel Wilsher-Saa (WA Museum Albany)
    • Simon Woodward
    • Royal Australian Navy

    Photographic Documentation

    • Edwin Janes (Perth based Architect and Photographer)
    • Craig Anderson (Albany Historical Society)
    • John Carberry


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  • Project ID # 1064