AirLume: Light & Air Projection Sculpture

AirLume is a giant air and light filled extrusion imposing its grand and luminous personality on young and old alike. It is an abstract icon that takes its audience on a magical, mystical journey through light, sound and grandeur.

Invoking beauty, mystery and excitement, AirLume looms large above the audience with its 8m cubed posture.

During the daytime, the cavernous interior is aglow with the reflected colours of the shining canopy above, and in the evening this inner sanctum pulses in a resonant harmony of light and sounds. Visitors are enticed into this glowing void, to marvel at the iconic structural forms.

Once ‘activated’ the audience is free to walk up to and through the structure, immersing themselves in a unique luminous soundscape experience.

On the outer surface, luminous rays of light play over the curvaceous form.

AirLume is an 8m x 8m x 9.5m inflated, illuminated and projection mapped entity that inhabits the site with a symmetry of tension and surprise.