Port Macquarie Lumiere – inaugural content production for regional Bicentenary

This page is designed to provide video examples directly related to the content areas and themes proposed for the inaugural Lumiere production.

60,000 years+ of Birpai Aboriginal culture

illuminart have been honoured to work alongside First Nation Elders, community and artists with Aboriginal heritage to support cultural and multicultural collaborations, and to support cultural practice with creative and technical support, training and long term partnerships.

Our most recent project collaboraton has been Yabarra – Gathering of Light with Yellaka and Adelaide Fringe. Below is a behind the scenes video which shares some of the process of making the nationally award winning production.

We have also worked with AIME,  Tjuma Pulka in Kalgoorlie and the Indigenous STEM convention. We appreciate every opportunity to support Aboriginal communities, preserve and celebrate culture and to develop skills and opportunities. Below is a video compilation sharing some of the collaborations in projects, featuring art of Dr Richard Walley (Luminous Hall),  Dance by Robert Taylor (Stepping into the Light), and Nellie Rankine (The Ribbon).

Settlement History of the Region

We have worked on many projects that have involved considered research and heritage interpretation. Our producers and director team work directly with historians, and have an informed background in writing for historical productions, and as a result we are highly regarded for our attention to detail in preserving and representing facts correctly, whilst maintaining a focus on achieving spectacular visual results.

Our best known example of historical work, with creative heritage interpretation, is the Son et Lumiere for the Centenary of the University of Western Australia.

The testimonial letter from the Vice Chancellor may be seen here.

Below is the Cinema Cut of the projection show, produced by the UWA.  To find out more, visit http://luminoushall.illuminart.com.au/

Contemporary views and inspiring community towards the future

illuminart has a wealth of experience in community arts and cultural development, and building work that excites audiences to be inspired about the future. During the project planning process we will identify the opportunities and strengths in the region, and propose how we can represent them in exciting ways.

Examples of work that have captured the future or explored themes in innovative ways include Reverse Dreamtime Story, created through cultural collaborations in Joondalup WA, and features The Waagyl (traditional Nyoongar name for the Rainbow Serpent) who is the creator of all things, and shares the deep time connection that Indigenous people have to country… but takes it forward into the future as a ‘reverse dreamtime story’ that looks back to our time now.


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