Call out for P/T Technical Department Manager

The work in this position will involve:

  • Collaborating in the arts company management team in a technical management / technical team management role.
  • Leadership, project management and communication to ensure that the technical aspects of projects are managed efficiently and successfully
    • Effective planning, budgeting, daily reporting, task and project reporting of the above.
    • Setting, communicating and managing the timelines and priorities for technical production on every project.
    • Scoping, reviewing, planning and project managing the technical aspects of all potential and confirmed projects.
    • Plan and manage the technical costs / technical budget for all projects.
  • Coordination and management of technical installation teams and supervision of staff/contractors (often remotely).
  • Managing service, maintenance and monitoring of all permanent and long term installations.
  • Development, design and effective implementation of technical systems and procedures for the company including WHS, Equipment Service and Installation Maintenance.

The position is part time, flexible.


How to apply – or to get more info

Position description: TDM Process Technical manager Position Description V8

Position criteria/application process: TDM Process

To apply: Email with

  • Application letter addressing items in the position criteria/application process document.
  • Your CV of relevant experience
  • Examples of previous work
  • Outline of availability over the next 6 months

Have questions? Email with

  • Any questions you want to ask
  • Your CV of relevant experience

We will get back to you within 48 hours



An invitation from the director:

Hi, from Cindi Drennan (Artistic Director) on behalf of the team at illuminart.

Thanks for your interest in working with my team and I, to support the technical team and management of the technical installations at illuminart.

As the popularity and success of our projects have brought us new opportunities, we have opened a position for a part time staff member, to work alongside me (CEO and Artistic director), Craig Laurendet (CFO and Installation designer), Verity Brookes (COO and Creative Producer), and assist with the management of our casual and part time staff, and our projects.

We believe the person most suited to this Technical Team Manager position will already have experience in audiovisual teachnical team management and remote collaboration. We have a small but clever, creative team who you will be working with and you will connect to projects around the country.

As its a part time opportunity, with a time commitment of 2 – 3 days per week, working from home, it will provide flexibility to do other work or to spend time with family. The ‘home office’ location and place you work from would ideally be Sydney, Blue Mountains, Adelaide, as these are our main community areas and our staff all serve regional SA, regional NSW, Queensland and WA from these places.

We aren’t looking for a hands-on designer or technical installer, we specifically need a manager. Previous experience with hands on work in IT, Sound, AV or lighting for events will be valuable.  The effective planning and management of projects collaboratively with myself and creative team members, to ensure the successful integration of audiovisual art and media, creative solutions that serve our regional communities, while supporting our team to have the accomplishments and excitement of technical problem solving and on site delivery.

For me as a co-founder, I will be hoping that the person who comes to work with us will have a love of community arts projects and the Arts in general, and value what illuminart does as being a very special and unique niche. I would love to have your help to keep our team and our communities working well together, through teamwork, communication, planning and reporting – to help us ‘keep our wheels on’. It takes a special kind of person with an interest not just in technology, but in knowing how to be well organised, a great communicator and a supportive and generous personality who understands how to make remote collaboration a successful model for management – its essential in our workplace.

On behalf of the illuminart team, here’s looking forward to meeting our new team mate soon.
Cindi Drennan / Verity Brookes / Craig Laurendet

(Note that we are open to other ways of filling this role, and will consider business partnerships or freelancer contracts, and invite conversation about how it may work if this is of interest.  )