Invitation to Riverland Artists – EOI for Night Mural Riverland (CLOSED)

This invitation and EOI has closed.

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Invitation to Riverland Artists – EOI for Night Mural Riverland: Transforming Walls with ideas


Invitation to Riverland based visual artists with an interest in Mural Art process and opportunities. illuminart in partnership with Berri Barmera Council is offering a professional development opportunity to six artists participate in a creative project ‘Night Mural Riverland’ which will take place in June and be presented at a future date, on Barmera’s Bonney Theatre. 

Deadline for your EOI: Monday 31 May 2021 EXTENDED TO MIDNIGHT JUNE 2, 2021

Did you ever wonder what you could do to make a blank building wall more interesting? Does it inspire you to dream up a work of street art or mural?

This project is for Riverland artists interested in street art, public art and mural art design. The project involves a paid creative development opportunity for six Riverland artists and creatives, to develop ideas for a large canvas and share them at a public event.  It also brings together digital artists to help animate, present and share these ideas on a large digital canvas.

The project team are calling for expressions of interest from artists who are interested in transformation of public spaces, to participate in the project.

During the project you’ll join a working group discussion about public art and murals, and you will produce one concept/design that will be exhibited and publicly shared at the Barmera Permanent Projection site as a prototype of a possible mural idea that you would like to see in your region.

To participate, you will need to be based in the Riverland region, and have prior interest and experience in visual arts / design, be available to participate in zoom conference with the project team, and be available to design a painted / drawn / designed mural prototype idea on an A3 sized template. Participants will be selected from interested candidates based on EOIs submitted and will be paid a fee of $750 for your attendance at the zoom conference, and development of your design/concept for the exhibition.

The project exhibition where street art concepts and prototype designs will be presented, is “Night Mural Riverland” which will be held on a date to be confirmed in September 2021.  The designs will inspire local community to appreciate the value of street art and help to stimulate conversation about future local street/mural art projects.

Night Mural Riverland is an exciting professional opportunity for visual artists who are interested in creating street/mural art, to develop ideas and to test them out through the magic of projection. It is being presented by Berri Barmera Council and projection artists, illuminart Australia, with guest artists and animators supporting the project development.


FAQ/More information:

This project offers two information sessions via zoom for six selected regional Riverland based visual artists. During these sessions you’ll be talking with professional artists about community arts, mural art and public art. You will be given a brief to design a concept of a possible mural for a wall in Barmera and will be paid a fee of $750 (plus GST if applicable) when you provide your concept by the due date. The completed mural concept designed by you will be presented through a projected event. You will asked to share your ideas about the mural concept you have designed and this information will be shared as part of the exhibition of the six mural concepts.

The fee is based on a visual art concept that is possible for artists to develop in 1-2 days and there is not a commission for an actual mural at this stage. However it is hoped the skills developed will lead to future opportunities in the Riverland region and the illuminart team in collaboration with local artists and producers support this vision.

This opportunity is open to artists of all ages, backgrounds and diverse abilities and if there are particular needs for selected artists we will aim to support as required.

The Night Mural project is intended to provide a chance to develop skills and thinking about mural art, and have the chance to talk to professional mural artists and public art producers, as a pathway to creating a mural in your local neighbourhood in future.

The mural concepts developed by the six artists will remain the intellectual property of the artists, and illuminart’s role as producers is to provide practical support and an opportunity for the artists to expand the community’s awareness of the power of murals and streetscape art.


Submitting your EOI

Your EOI should include a current CV, examples of your work and a cover letter introducing yourself and letting us know what interests you about the project.

The EOI needs to be submitted by Monday 31 May 2021 EXTENDED TO MIDNIGHT JUNE 2, 2021

Please email your submission to


Important dates

EOI submission Due: Monday 31 May 2021

First Zoom Workshop: Tuesday 8 June 2021 (evening)

Second Zoom workshop: Tuesday 15 June 2021 (evening)

Artwork delivery: Monday 12 July 2021

Meeting with animation team: Tuesday 20 July 2021

Projection Event: September 2021 TBC


If you have any questions about the project please email or call illuminart on 1300 455 864


Or visit the web page at


Featured image on this page is an ephemeral night mural designed by Port Adelaide artist Penny Mortimer, commissioned for Night Mural 2013.