Leeton Permanent Projection Feature Launch

Artistic representation of projections on Leeton Water Tower

As part of the exciting development of Chelmsford Place, Leeton Shire Council and illuminart are working together to design and launch a permanent projection system for the Water Tower. This is an innovative alternative to a mural, as it can continue to evolve and develop over time.

As we head towards the launch of this new permanent projection beacon, we are calling on local people of all ages within the Leeton community to contribute to the launch of the permanent projection system.

The theme is proud moments in the community.

If you are part of the Leeton Shire community you can share photos, artworks, or words of things which make you a proud member of the Leeton community via the contribution form below.

Become a creative part of this unique permanent projection!  Contributions are currently open.

The Leeton Water Tower projection is a wonderful way to help celebrate and express our region’s unique identity and connection and also shine a light on Leeton, whether it’s an image, words, story, artwork, request or photo.

Stories in light are a powerful way for community to connect, remember, reinterpret and create new visions. Great contributions include sharing a story, photo, piece of memorabilia or art which represents a strong connection with our local land and people. The sharing of images and stories also inspires further research and storylines.

Leeton Permanent Projection Launch Contribution Form

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Share your proud and memorable moments in the Leeton community using the form below...

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- The theme is proud moments in the community. Share photos, artworks, or words of things which make you a proud member of the Leeton community.
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    Rainbow patterned digital projection test on to Leeton Water Tower Rainbow digital projection test on to Leeton Water Tower Silhouette on textured cream surface of Leeton Water Tower