Illuminart’s most recent projects

Illuminart’s work in communities brings together community partnerships / CACD practice and well developed technical and creative methodologies, to create and present impactful, meaningful public art installations. 
Our four most recent projects in 2014 show how the illuminart artists work together with a range of partners.

ANZAC Albany

Illuminart won this project through tender, by demonstrating leadership in producing culturally connected productions with succesful public events outcomes, working with community and local artists, and an ability to provide information and technical support to stakeholders. Illuminart produced and curated several hours of storytelling projections, involving a large number of local artists and creatives as associate presenters, team members and participants. The highlight of the program was “The Departure”, an hour long Son et Lumier projected on to the Albany Entertainment Centre, accompanied by morse lights, naval flares and falling angel fireworks at key points, telling the story of the departure of young men from Australia and New Zealand as they volunteered for the war effort and left on the first and second ANZAC Convoys.  A number of other Architectural Storytelling projections were created for the Albany Town Hall, St Johns Church, Memorial garden wall and Stirling Terrace Rotunda, about local families with an ANZAC story to tell. The most most impactful of these were “Treasures at War” and the “Noongar ANZAC Legacy” both about the war experiences of four brothers – the Treasures from Kojonup, and the Indigenous Farmer brothers from the Katanning area – highlighting the very different post war experiences between Aboriginal and non Aboriginal peoples. The Storytelling projections were produced with high levels of family and historian consultation.
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Architectural Storytelling Examples:

Night Mural 2014

The night mural concept was developed in response to a perceived need for more murals, following community consultation in the Port Adelaide area. Illuminart developed a process for commissioning local artists to design a mural for a site in the Port area, and then presented all of the commissioned designs through temporary projections in a single night event. The first Night Mural show in 2013 was a highlight of the SALA festival so it was repeated in 2014, but this time with the support of Port Adelaide Enfield Council, the local commissioned art was produced by local young artists aged between 15 and 25, in training and mentorship with illuminart. The one night event was attended by approximately 1200 people.

North Adelalaide Wishing Tree

Adelaide City Council developed a training program to support artists to gain training and knowledge in community arts practice, in mentorship with community artists Cindi Drennan and Sandy Elverd. The training sessions led to the development of a community arts based installation in North Adelaide, involving interaction with shoppers and families visiting Melbourne Street, to draw out their ideas about future developments for the street. The resulting answers (written on tag labels) were installed in bottles attached to a significant local tree, and some of these were illuminated at night with interactive lighting that responded to the presence of a viewer. Illuminart supported this project with community arts training by Cindi Drennan, project management and technical design of the installation, and mentorship of the participating artists during the process.


Illuminart was approached by the Queenstown Heritage Arts Festival to develop a new digital media project that would help community commemoration of the centenary of the nearby Lake Margaret Hydro Power Station. Illuminart worked with the festival committee to develop several architectural projections for the festival. Firstly a light up moment to support a lantern parade – another community arts project. Secondly a 15 minute long interpretation of oral histories, and thirdly a very popular interactive audiovisual projection representing the hydro power station in a fun and engaging musical instrument format, mapped to the architecture of the Empire Hotel.