See the GeriActivists in 360°

How to watch:

On mobile, click each movie below to go full screen, then tilt and turn your mobile, or drag your finger across the screen to look around.
On desktop, you can click or use the arrow keys to explore.
On VR / 360 headset, (BEST) The VIMEO Android and iOS apps sync up with most headsets: all you’ve got to do is tap the headset icon in the mobile player, or scan your headset’s QR code, and vimeo’ll make sure the video renders properly for your gear.


1 : The Future Growers – Dur 2’00”

Join a Maltese choir as they consider the future for Western Sydney’s market gardens and sing a cappella to their descendants.

2 : Persian Picnic – Dur 3’30”

Celebrate Nowruz, Persian new year, on the banks of South Creek. Here as the Iranian community reframe their future, the ecosystem transforms to reveal hidden secrets. A customary event redefined in anachronistic style by musicians, artists & dancers.

3 : Balancing Act – Dur 3’20”

A local keep-kit class break through to a parallel universe and work out St Mary’s future depends on the enduring spirit of community.

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The Geriactivists is supported by the St Marys Area Community Development Team, the Australia Council for the Arts and Create NSW.