UPLOAD FORM for contributions to Flocking Together Lobethal Projection

This important community project was presented in December 2021 and has now passed, although it has been able to live again as a feature at Auslights on the River 2022.

This is the contribution form that was used to clarify the project and to collect the colourful creations made by locals.  Titled Flocking Together, the animated projection was accompanied by a meditative soundscape and reflective spoken word.

Lobethal and Adelaide Hills residents are invited to help “grow” a light and projection display that will collectively share community spirit, by contributing artwork and messages of renewal, revitalisation and the return of the birds, flora and fauna to the natural environment and to Bushland Park after the bushfire of Summer 2019. The project is called Flocking Together and you can find out more about it here.

We ask you to think of something to give to this project – such as a meaningful image, a drawing, a message or piece of video – it is up to you.

We simply ask: please let your contribution be carefully chosen to celebrate renewal, inspire hope and courage, and to remind all of how we are a close knit community who care for each other.

We also ask for you to only contribute items that you have written or made yourself, or for which you have permission to use (to avoid any conflict over copyright).

This upload form allows you to enter your contribution into the collective message of hope and courage being created.

No deadline has currently been set as the date of the projection is as yet to be confirmed.

We would prefer just one single contribution that represents your clearest vision for hope and courage.

Things you could contribute:

  • Words/ A piece of writing – not too much, just a paragraph or a poem (you can upload a word document, or words written on paper and take a photo of them, or just type into our text field in the form)
  • Photograph
  • Digital image of your artwork
  • Small piece of digital video (no bigger than 25MB)
  • Artwork or designs made using the templates

We cannot guarantee all contributions can be included in the final projection work and although we make every effort to include all ideas and contributions, sometimes contributions can not be included. Please talk to us if you have any concerns. Reasons items may be excluded include being too low quality a file, problem with the upload causing file corruption, file possibly causing offence, receiving too late to be able to process in time, or other reasons.

Make sure you give all your images a filename that includes your own name so we can identify you. E.g. Johnsmith1.jpg, Johnsmith2.jpg, etc.

The form offers options for you to:

  • Upload images (up to 25MB per image)
  • Upload various file types.
  • Write captions or descriptions or tell us how you want to be credited in name/text for the images, or tell us other info

If your files aren’t uploading you can contact us for help (and we can work out a plan for dropoff to Fabrik, or for uploads via other methods)


If you have any need for help, please call illuminart on 1300 ILLUMINART (1300 455 864), or email us at flockingtogethercontribution@illuminart.com.au