Call out for ‘Merredin Treasures’

This unique project was presented in September 2021 at Merredin’s Gateway Festival and has now passed.  This is the contribution form that was used to clarify the project and to collect the colourful stories shared by locals past and present.  The end result was an animated projection that incorporated local community voices as scripted characters in this wonderful regional narrative titled Our Story, Our Voices.


Illuminart and the Shire of Merredin are creating a very special presentation as part of the Gateway Merredin festival, and are calling for input and memorabilia from Merredin residents to feature in a storytelling projection onto the Merredin Post Office. 

The projection on the Merredin Post Office will be held on 24-26th September 2021.

We are inviting you to help celebrate and share your history with us for an exciting and unique illumination in the heart of Merredin. As part of Gateway Merredin festival, we are integrating memories, visions and treasures contributed by the community about the fascinating history and emergence of Merredin.

Stories in light are a powerful way for community to connect, remember, reinterpret and create new visions. Great contributions include sharing a story, photo, piece of memorabilia or art which represents a strong connection with our local land and people.

All community recollections are welcome across the shire. To honour our ANZACs we are keen to learn more about those who worked on the railway, the pipeline, and those who served as nurses, in the hospital or in the military. The focus on Troops, Trains and Treasures means that broader examples can include stories such as farming and exploration, reunions, special places or persons, the goldrush, an exciting social occasion or famous visitation, details of historic buildings and infrastructure, memories of floods, fires or derailments, creative regeneration projects…anything with a direct link to Merredin is welcome.

The images and stories collected will inspire the research and storylines for the projection onto the Merredin Post Office, and some images may be selected to appear in the projection if they are suitable. (Please note that it is a condition of your contribution, that you give your permission for its use in this context).


Option 1: Submit your contributions using the online form (link at the bottom of this page). These are to be received by 5pm, Wednesday 23rd June 2020.

Option 2: Bring your memories to our meeting place on the 15th & 16th of June and meet the creative team, at which time we document them so you can take the original home with you.  Meeting Place: the Merredin Library < call Sam to confirm your drop in time (0431 987 349)
(note, was previously the Merredin Community Garden and Arts space, but has had to change due to “mud”)

Option 3: Contact Chloe Flockhart on 0437 214 453 or Sam Drennan on 0431 987 349 and arrange a time to meet with us that falls between June 14th -18th, bringing your memories with you. As well as documenting your memorabilia, if you agree, we can record your recollections at this time over a cup of tea and cake!

Media we are looking for:

Photos (up to 3 images per theme)
Words or a poem (not too long, a page will do)
Art/drawings (up to 3 images per theme)
We would like to not miss a thing when it comes to our city and its history!

We hope you are brimming with ideas!

Any questions, please email us on