Breathing Space: Transformative Projections in the Magic Hour

‘Breathing Space’ will enable an illuminated trail event for re-emergence from isolation, the time of awakening, while the dusk yet falls early. Creative collaboration between community members, illustrators and animators will happen in digital, remote collaborations during the winter through to August and early September, leading to public outcomes that celebrate our re-emergence from isolation.

Temporary public pop ups will provide opportunities for members of the public to see the work in progress, during Winter and spring.

Blue Mountains based projection arts company illuminart is working in creative collaboration with Blue Mountains creatives, illustrators, community organisations and festivals to find, nurture and share the magical heart and soul of three Blue Mountain towns. This placemaking project will connect community in a creative process, that will augment Art Deco and iconic buildings with animated illuminations, creating places for reflection while supporting local regional artists’ practice in community arts development.

The project also provides support for community wellbeing through online workshops, creative audiovisual work leading to creation of a thoughtful collection of digital artworks, and transformed spaces within the social hubs of three towns. Three towns (Katoomba, Springwoood and Blackheath) will be consecutively involved in the public displays, where the well-crafted and meaningful animated illustrations, augment selected buildings in each town for up to two weeks. During each town’s ‘Season’, additional workshops will be offered to visiting audiences to engage with professional creative practice and artwork themes on a deeper level.

The projections over the 4-6 week will bring community to appreciate local arts, inspire hope and strength and bring visitors to enjoy local ideas about the future of the region.