Friday, 10 May 2013

Your new Port Adelaide Projectroom!

We’ve been absolutely delighted and thrilled this month by final confirmation of permission to use a vacant space in Port Adelaide as our hub and studio for the next six months. At last! We have been impatiently waiting, actively pursuing and negotiating for this space, so with this “go ahead”, at last we can celebrate (and get on with the projects!).

On May 10th we began moving in and setting it up as our PROJECTROOM in Port Adelaide until end of October 2013 – for meetings, exhibition of light and moving image work, office space, workshop for training and making… and at night time some very beautiful window projections.

The space will also be a SHOP where you can buy tickets to the events, see lighting art and moving image works (Purchase of items and our fantastic t-shirts and tickets all will help to fund this community project). You can drop in to get info, donate a suitcase (for another project) or join in a project.

Want to drop past… here’s the calendar for our open hours and workshop times. Some sessions require booking, so contact us about those.

Where to find us?
27 North Parade, Port Adelaide…