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Monday, 2 April 2012

Workshops during JACK IN

Over the three weeks that Jack in ran, there were a number of workshops held by invited guest artists and the illuminart team. The focus was on providing extra-curricular training to AC Arts participants who were working as Jack in crew, and networking them with potential collaborators outside of the college.

Some photos of the Resolume workshop:

Workshop topics:

  • The basics of VJ software demoed by Levon Hudson using Resolume.
  • Laser tag demoed by Rowan Lee using GRL open source laser tag software.
  • VJ Jamming – led by Cindi Drennan, special guests VJ Zoo (Perth WA)
  • Triple Head Matrox techniques led by Cindi Drennan (Illuminart).
  • AV Content led by Cindi Drennan (Illuminart).
  • Projection Mapping. Weds 7th March led by Cindi Drennan.
  • Kinect and Processing led by Jayson Haebich of Broken Pixel Productions (Melbourne Vic).
  • Future of live media art led by Cindi Drennan (Illuminart).
  • Ableton Live and Vizzable Plugins led by AV performer Robert Jarvis aka Zealousy (Melbourne Vic).
  • Projection art as Public Art: part of the Public Art Dialogue, presented by Cindi Drennan (Illuminart).

Guest presenters also gave demonstrations of work onto the Jack in installation. Below is a video of the interactive piano creation by Bob Jarvis (zealousy) after his Ableton live workshop.