Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Window Projections to light up the Main Street

This year the Lights of Lobethal Festival features new projections and lantern displays to enhance the long running festival and transform the main street. Local residents and artists have been working alongside multimedia artist Cindi Drennan and the Illuminart creative team on a variety of  projects.

These include giant lanterns that children can get inside, workshops to make your own lantern using bicycle-powered sewing machines, a string of interesting new displays by local textile artists and animated window projections by Illuminart. They can be seen from the 13th to the 23rd of December (the festival lights up on Sunday December 12th and continues until the 31st of December 2010.)

After dark, animated window projection displays can be seen at three sites along Main Road. These are best experienced as you stroll along, from dusk onwards.  These colourful and quirky animations are based on scenes from Lobethal’s history, transformed by digital media artists into colourful projections – and on some nights these animations will have extra features that clever kids will discover they can play with!

The themes of these new projects have been inspired by Lobethal itself, which has a long background of self-sufficiency and traditional textile crafts. History and photos have been collected from residents and local historians by Megan Collins (heritage consultant for Illuminart), and these have been made available to all the artists working on the projects. The resulting colourful displays are hoped to give locals and residents alike a new experience and appreciation of the peaceful township.

The three main sites for Projection Art by Illuminart this year, are the windows of the Adelaide Hills Business and Tourism Office near the intersection of Woodside and Main Road, the Auto Garage at 47 Main Road, and the Old Service Station at upper Main Road.