Saturday, 8 September 2012

Wheelie Wheelie Clever

An unusual project combining video art, salvage and sculpture.

Craig Laurendet has worked his usual magic with salvaged materials… this time he has recycled some recycling bins that were going for adoption, into a display to celebrate a sustainability award at Penrith City Council.

The bins have been arranged into a sculpture that utilises the colourful lids, and some have been fitted with old CRT monitors featuring  video art created in the No Boundaries Project. Also involved in this ingenious project were Andrew Hull and students to assist with building the sculpture, CANA Farm in Orchard Hills for hosting the project, Cindi Drennan and the No Boundaries artists for the video, and Penrith City Council staff Tracy Chalk and Aisha Poole.

The sculpture will be on display from next week and throughout September, in Penrith City Council’s foyer.