Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Your Nocturnal Adventure to “Stepping into the Light”

Coming to see Stepping into the Light on Thursday 24th, Friday 25th or Saturday 26th May? Join us between 6pm and 9pm on George Street Norwood (outside the Concert Hall). The road will be closed so you can watch the event in safety and peace with your friends and family. You can also enjoy the event from the balcony. The show will go ahead rain or shine, bring a brolley and warm things. You can buy a delicious hot chocolate from Argo’s street cafe to complete your nocturnal adventure!

What will you see?

  • Animated projections and illusions covering the building.
  • LIVE musicians who are hidden on the inside of the building appear magically and perform as part of the projection every ten minutes. (Make sure you applaud…!   they are real and will be happy that you are appreciating their contribution, that makes each night a different show)
  • Sound scapes, stories and music perfectly mapped to the building telling the history of the concert hall and performance heritage of Norwood in a way that is fun and relevant for all ages. 

How can you get involved?

You too can step into the light! Three of the dances that appear in the projection have been choreographed in advance, so you can join in while watching. Get yourself in the mood for a flash mob experience or just groove along. Here are the links to the three dances, commissioned especially for stepping into the light:

What do the scenes mean?

All the scenes tell a part of the story of the Norwood Town Hall and its meaning and significance to local people. Indigenous dances represent the significance of dance to people since ancient times, and the handing down of stories and knowledge to young. Memories of local people are illustrated to create a sense of a living photo album, and other scenes are representing the deep fondness people have for the rituals of gathering to dance, celebrate, commemorate and enjoy arts and culture together.

Who are those musicians?

  • Tuesday night: Quintan Dunne (Double Bass), Kelly Breuer (Guitar), Kaven Dedman (Harmonica)
  • Thursday night: Kelly Breuer (Guitar), Kaven Dedman (Harmonica), Nick de Rohan (Guitar)
  • Friday Night: Peter Tuske (Violin), Petra Zsabo (Vocal / Step), Avalanche (Sax / Clarinet), Nick de Rohan (Guitar)
  • Saturday Night:  Peter Tuske (Violin), Petra Zsabo (Vocal / Step), Avalanche (Sax / Clarinet)

Read our project blog to find out more about the process of making Stepping into the Light, and come along on Thursday, Friday or Saturday of this week to share the light with us.