First test image on Winthrop Hall

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Western Australian team members

Illuminart specialise in projection art and work in many different locations to create work, and its part of our mission to work with local artists in each place we work. So now … are you wondering who has been part of the Luminous Hall production, from WA?

Indeed, the Western Australian participation in Luminous Hall has been extensive… from visual arts, to audio, to performance and research. For most of the team this has been their first opportunity to work on large scale projection art – a big learning curve and exciting opportunity to bring Winthrop Hall to glorious life on Friday the 8th February 2013.

Perth based animator Aaron Welch and his  team Red Bird Creative have created three scenes within the project. These emerging animators previously have created animated music clips for local musician Elk Bell, and moving into large scale projection for the Winthrop Hall was an exciting challenge. Look for their work in the painting of de Vlamingh’s arrival to Swan River, the Bicycle Scene, Blueprint Scene and the clocks appearing throughout the show.

Audio artist and vocalist Samantha Ray working with composer Trilby Temperley, both based in Perth, have created the soundscape and compositions for the entire production. They have worked tirelessly over many months, recording voice overs with the Well Versed group at University of Western Australia, wild sound, composing new music and integrating compositions by graduates of UWA (which are being released in a commemorative centenary CD called Luminosity).

A special thanks to the Well Versed group who not only provided voice over recordings, but generously provided local knowledge, additional research, reference material and general enthusiasm to support the production. Thanks also to the many individuals and departments at the University of Western Australia who have graciously provided their time and resources to support the project from Maria Carvalho at the University Archive, to members of the Student Guild, Symbiotica, 2nd Life community and many more.

Last Pixel in Leederville – specialist 3d animation and modelling services – provided advanced modelling, simulation and rendering for the project. Most of their work is modelling for architecture and mining, this project was a novel application of their skills. Every single pixel of the project has been output on Last Pixel’s render farm after all of the animators had completed their segments.

Rendering Scene 12.2Local illustrator Jenna Downing re-created a 1690’s engraving of de Vlamingh at the mouth of the Swan River, in ultra high resolution, and other assets for animation. John Goldsmith (Celestial Visions) provided high resolution timelapse astrophotography for the Lamps of Learning scene. Dr Richard Walley OAM contributed his own paintings and music for the introductory scene recognizing traditional owners and connection to country. We would also like to acknowledge VJ Zoo who have provided many contacts and elements of local knowledge to support our work in Perth and WA, and Ashphar Survey Group for technical site services. That’s before we even get to mention the dozens of local people supporting the event through production design and staging… and Carlo Buralli from Timeline Productions for documentation.

The Western Australian artists and animators have contributed the depth of local knowledge and passion to this project that gives it an authentic local flavour that we are sure you will appreciate. Illuminart thank all of our partners and supporters in WA and are proud to be working collaboratively with you all.

Rendering Scene 12.2