Sunday, 24 March 2013

Well, that about wraps it up for the Depot!

At the end of a busy fringe festival we’ve said bye to The Depot. Here’s a few more photos from our residency.

These interesting images show some of the fascinating items from illuminart’s Museum of AV Antiquity, which has been open to the public to interact with and discover the technologies used for video mixing and effects. The mixers, cameras and decks have been interconnected to create wild forms of video feedback and live camera feed, so that anyone who plays this system will discover themselves and their video effects simultaneously playing on projectors inside and outside the illuminart shipping container. Some of the video effects become deeply mesmerising to watch and when adding in a few drawing tools, becomes a fascinating way to paint with pixels.

The final days at The Depot incorporated all of the elements we had developed over the last few weeks. These photos highlight the projection onto the huge sails of the sculpture ‘Promise‘, the mobile projection sculpture ‘ShipShape‘ on display, the illuminated triangle pods, the textile projection labyrinth, and the interactive activation inside an empty shipping container. Did we do too much? Yes but we enjoyed having the opportunity to invent, it doesn’t happen often enough.