Monday, 23 January 2012

Invitation to AC Arts Design Team: Projection Sculpture @ Shimmering West

Dear Shimmering West Design Team… Illuminart will be working with AC Arts to create a projection installation for the fringe. We would like to collaborate with you to create the projection sculpture housing the equipment on the area at the front of the building.

The Jack In projections will cover the silver balcony on the Eastern facade of the AC Arts building (see our previous posts on this topic). The projectors will be three SANYO PLC XU 106 projectors housed in a projection sculpture, which we feel ideally would be designed in collaborations between Illuminart and the design team at AC Arts, so that students and staff may participate in the experience and have input into the overall flavour of this project.

The projection sculpture needs to be located on the lawn, approximately 10 horizontal metres from the front plane of the balcony. The structure will be located underneath / near an existing lamp post, where we hope to access power. The lamp might, if desired, be utilised as an element of the structure.

The requirements of this projection sculpture structure:

  • housing of three projectors (cooling, shading, and security during the day and cooling and bug proofing during the night)
  • raise projectors above ground 2.5m or more (above head height) to avoid tampering and shadow casting.
  • an aesthetically pleasing installation that hides the function of the structure whilst acknowledging the site / architecture / other design decisions (such as the printing of the banner that would cover the balcony)
  • an area where interaction or viewing of the installation will be possible (eg a porthole with a video camera… a porthole where someone can “jack in” with their own laptop… a seat to sit / watch / listen with another person)

The Projection sculpture will have the following assistance from Illuminart:

  • design specifications / design decisions
  • technical support / rigging support if needed
  • construction support / materials support if needed
  • installation support
  • operation and maintenance support

Proposed timeline:

  • Begin discussions immediately, ascertain whether feasible by 1 Feb at the latest.
  • basic sketches of possible designs by early Feb, final decision by 6 Feb.
  • Build completion by 18 Feb
  • Installation 22 Feb

Creative input is welcome. This sculpture may be unlit, lit (by feature lighting) or we may consider to include projection onto itself as well.

Further info: