Sunday, 15 April 2012

VIVID locations

Rightoh, an interesting challenge that’s frustrating our project team a bit. We STILL don’t have a location for the presentation of Fractured Heart.  We need somewhere sheltered, pref indoors, with low ambient light and sounds, with a footprint area of 8x8x4 – (huge) – although we could jig it to be smaller with some clever overlapping (eg 6x6x4). Larger space is better to assist crowd flow through.

So far what’s been proposed to us is:

The Grotto under Foundation Park (it was too small, but we thought maybe it could work… hmmm, irrelevant now, it’s not available. But at least we had a chance to scope out the park for a future project idea).

We suggested Cleland Bond, an indoor location where it probably will fit… but its not available. Still looking (we have been investigating all around the Rocks!)

Under the pedestrian bridge at Overseas Passenger Terminal. Its big enough… but… its windy and that would be not suitable for this sculpture.  Still so far its been the best. We worked on a plan to show how it could be installed here with extra rigging, our requirement to have the architectural lights directed away etc, and then were told it is not available any more, because another sculpture is going there. (sigh)

Under the Cahill expressway on the pedestrian track from George Street to the station. Er… What!!! The sound levels at this spot are in excess of 80 db a lot of the time, and this is an interactive music instrument. Will we have to get people to wear headphones as they move and dance to trigger the sounds and images? Er…

As at 15 April we are really worried that a suitable location for Fractured Heart can not be found. 

The VIVID team have assured us that they are still looking…