Walsh Bay in the mist... photo by Craig Laurendet

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

VIVID locations update

Well we finally have a location but we have gone in circles. After four or five different locations had been proposed to us and then either changed or unsuitable, we started to think VIVID couldn’t host this. But then through a chain of conversations we stumbled on the possibility of Walsh Bay, where many Arts organisations are located, and where an exciting new extension of the VIVID precinct is being developed.

We went over to have a look and found a large enough space there (the ATYP rehearsal studio is 9x12xhigh, secure, indoors, available, perfect! The Walsh Bay community were really helpful with working out how we could get into the space. So, decision made, moved forward, and about to lock it down. However THEN we got a call to say that DNSW were not happy about us being over at Walsh Bay (its a fair old hike, so probably only 10% of the main crowd will get over there to see it) and they figure this sculpture should be part of the main highlights.

We agree with the sentiment but for 2 months we hadn’t found a location in the main drag, but reluctantly went on (again) the search for a suitable venue. Cleland Bond was offered (at last, a big enough spot) but due to egress restrictions it still wouldn’t fit.

So FINALLY on 1ST MAY 2o12 WE CONFIRM at last – we have a location folks. It’s WALSH BAY.

Project: Fractured Heart Interactive.