Promise at The Depot

Friday, 22 February 2013

Visit us @ The Depot

Illuminart have taken a month off from big projects to work on our light sculptures and mobile projection in the heart of Adelaide. In our residency at The Depot fringe venue, we have installed our projection sculptures Promise, ShipShape and the playful proto-AV instruments Light Rhythm Plays! You can read about it in our Depot blog, but we’d also like to visit! If you plan to come along, here’s some things to note:

  • Illuminart’s installations power up at dusk, so come down after 8pm to enjoy the transition to darkness.
  • There are meals and a bar on site every night from about 6pm, and on most nights buskers or a band offer free entertainment. Check the Depot’s program for what’s on, at
  • The Depot take Monday nights off, so come Tuesday – Sunday to visit
  • Illuminart have installations running every night, and will display other projection entertainment on an ad-hoc basis including “Fruity Piano”, live mapping, interactive media or AV lab, depending on crowd numbers and available space.
  • Best nights to see us at work or catch us in person are Wednesdays-Thursdays-Fridays-Saturdays
  • Current installations include:
    • PROMISE installations (Large projection sculptures with “light sails” made from recycled lace & wedding dresses, which are illuminated with projection at night)
    • SHIPSHAPE (a mobile projection / light sculpture built of recycled materials and a recumbent bicycle)
    • Mobile projection carts, contraptions and gizmos … depending on what we feel like doing on any given night!
    • Occasional interactions / interventions including Fruity Piano
    • PODS installations (enigmatic grey tetrahedrons which move about the space and rearrange themselves day by day)
    • AV mash up laboratory (for all geeks who like a bit of retro tech) and the occasional slide night
    • Interactive Textiles Workshop (stay tuned, we’ll be looking for participants)

Illuminart ContainerIf you want to find us on site, look for our container… if the door is open we are “home” at The Depot.

Leave a message if we aren’t around!