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Sunday, 3 February 2013

UWA Credits roll

Many people have been involved in and contributed to the projection show “Luminous Hall” – a commemorative architectural storytelling projection for the centenary of University of Western Australia. These credits acknowledge the significant contributors to the project, including many Western Australians.

Projection Art / Architectural Storytelling: Illuminart

Projector Equipment / installation / Sponsorship: Technical Direction Company

Graphics and Animation Team:

  • Luku Kukuku (Animator)
  • Stuart Nankivell (Animator)
  • Cindi Drennan (Animator)
  • Al Ferguson (3D Animator)
  • Jenna Downing (Illustrator)
  • Aaron Welch (Animator)
  • Ilitch De Reveur (Animator)
  • Jim Medcraft (Animator)
  • David Nerlich (Animator)
  • Rick Grigsby (Consultant)
  • Jasper Russell (Consultant)
  • Cindi Drennan, Craig Laurendet (Coordinators)

Image sources:

  • UWA Archives (assisted by Maria Carvalho)
  • UWA Guild Archives
  • Timelapse astrophotography by John Goldsmith, Celestial Visions
  • Paintings of animals and country by Dr Richard Walley

Audio Arrangements and Composing:

  • Samantha Drennan (Audio Arrangement / Vocals)
  • Trilby Temperley (Audio consultant / Composer)
  • Well Versed Group (Re-enactment of voices from the past):
    • Faith Clayton (Jocasta from Oedipus)
    • David Goodall (Voice of Hackett, and excerpt from Sophocles)
    • Rayden James
    • Valerie Melrose
    • Collin O’Brien (excerpt from Henry IV, Shakespeare)
    • Joan Pope
    • Pat Stroud (excerpt from Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas)
    • Phil Mackenzie
    • Jim & Alison Gregg

Audio Sources:

  • Luminous Strings (Peacock’s Theme) and Visible Strings by Trilby Temperley with Samantha Ray
  • Sport Theme by Trilby Temperley
  • Interuterion Serenity by Pete Ardron and Samantha Ray
  • Reading by Joan Pope of Rottnest Island (iv); Christmas Day 1696, with kind permission of the Author, Nicholas Hasluck
  • Keap Cooling by Dr Richard Walley
  • Compositions from Luminosity: Musical Treasures from UWA (The University of Western Australia, 2013):
    • Three Cellos (2012) by Jennifer Fowler
      Cellists: Sophie Curtis, Clare Tunney, Noeleen Wright.
    • Worlds Within and Without (2012) by Iain Grandage. Organist: Annette Goerke
    • Procession (2012) by Cathie Travers
      Performer: Cathie Travers (Concert accordion and electronics)
    • See How They Run (2012) by James Ledger
      Performer: Paul Wright (violin)
    • Gaudete (2012) by David Tunley
      Musicians: Nicholas Bannan (director), Katie Thomas (percussion), and The Winthrop Singers.
      Sopranos:  Isalyn Bessell-Browne, Jacqui Ellison, Claudia Sosin, Selena Clohessy, Rachael Hardie, Claire Quinlan, Kate Oliver, Vivienne Horley.
      Altos: Tess Schlink, Amelia Jones, Brontë Walter, Emma Rogerson. Tenors: Jack Collinson, Yiannis Maxwell, Eric Nguyen, Scott Collinson, Alessandro Pittorino. Basses: Gregory Bannan, Lucian Watkins, Joshua Bamford, Francis Cardell-Oliver, Richard Allen, Ambrose Bonnaire-Seargent
      Narrator: Emeritus Professor Chris Wortham
    • Diurnal (2012) by Craig Ogden
      Performer: Craig Ogden (guitar)
    • Halcyon (2011) by Iain Grandage
      Performers: West Australian Symphony Orchestra. Recording courtesy of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Producer: Karl Akers; Sound Engineer: Gavin Fernie
    • Chagudai  (2012) by Jared Yapp
      Performers: Krista Low (cello), Alexander McCraken (clarinet)
  • The Entertainer by Scott Joplin –  performed by Pantelis Assimakopoulos – Remix of sample of The Entertainer on Organ
  • String Quartet no 16 in F Major opus 135 No 16 composed by Beethoven – performed by Borromeo String Quartet with kind permission of Gardner Museum Archive
  • wttmd string quartet 2layers – Thanvannispen –
  • Silent Movie Sam Fox Fairy – Freqman –
  • Sad String 20 mp 24 – ERH –
  • Other FX from ~ Thank you to the following creative commons contributors:
    batchku; man; luffy_luffy; wim; martian; tezzza; noizemaker; sagetyrtle; dobroide; offthesky; smokeyvw; richymel; gelo-papas; carlsablowedwards; benhillyard; morgantj; robinhood76; nemodaedalus; leaf-rustler; flag2; miselaineous; audible-edge; ryanjvm; benboncan; corsica-s; pete668; neotone; inplano; mlestn1; sandyrb; timbre; flasher21; greysound; cosmicd; j1987; oldedgar; faceonmars; huubjeroen; daxter31; loljames; esperri; jesabat; kbnevel; inchadney; stereostereo; hdrck16; davidbain; amtr; huggy13ear; oroborosnz; alienistcog; sketchygio; timbre; videog; mxsmanic; mistorcaveman; adam-n; notklaatu; abcopen; ani-music; audiorichter; qubodup; felix-blume; drewkelly; altfuture.

Technical & Management:

  • Lighting design and production management (Damien Hanson)
  • Olin Winton, Ken Jackson – Technical Direction Company (Technical Direction, Equipment supply and sponsorship)
  • Ashphar (3d Architectural Survey)
  • Last Pixel (Rendering)
  • Illuminart (Projection Art) directed by Cindi Drennan

Script / Research:

  • Cindi Drennan (Projection Story / Creative Director) with input from staff, students and community of the University of Western Australia
  • Virginia Rowland (UWA Centenary Celebrations)
  • Sue Boyd (UWA Centenary Celebrations)
  • Creative Director (Cultural Precinct): Ted Snell
  • Creative Director (Luminous Night): Ian Lilburne

Documentation and other support:

  • Craig Laurendet (illuminart) – show documentation
  • Jasper Cook, Kat Black (VJ Zoo) – show documentation / support
  • Carlo Buralli (Timeline Productions) – show documentation
  • Joan Pope (Well Versed Group) – Additional coordination, and contribution of oral histories and other valuable reference material

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