Monday, 18 April 2011

Useful links and references

Some of the fantastic research materials referencing Port Adelaide, available in the State Library of South Australia collection.

Historic Photos, ALBUM: A collection of 37 views of sailors and sailing ships associated with South Australia photographed by Victor Harpeneen; 1928-1932; names not  known:

Yachts sailing at Port Adelaide: 1910
SLSA: B 64134
Two small yachts sailing on Port River

SLSA: B 64135
A small yacht sailing on the Port River

Tugs on the Port River: 1910

Champion Rowing Team: 1894

Speed boat at Port Adelaide: 1930

A man and women competing in an early model speed boat called ‘Wind-Up’, at Port Adelaide.

SLSA: B 61721
Spectators looking at early model speed boats still on their trailers before a race at Port Adelaide.
SLSA: B 61722
Competitors stand with their speed boats called ‘Wind-Up’ and ‘Tiger’ at the edge of the Port River.

Project: Port Inhabited.