Monday, 19 August 2019

Wallaroo to Wilmington: Stage three of the Travelling Light tour

Illuminart’s Travelling Light tour reaches communities on Spencers Gulf and Flinders Ranges. (If you missed our previous two posts, you can review them here and here.)

Wallaroo – Friday 16th August 2019

The ninth stop of our projection art tour was Wallaroo.

We have been very fortunate to have received sponsorship from Flinders Ports to help us get to Wallaroo and create an extra massive projection covering a full six cells of the silos, and also to collaborate with the local schools and Copper Coast art group to create a stunning display.

The Wallaroo Silo was so huge that we used additional projectors and all of them were mounted outside of the bus. We arrived the day before and set up on a cold clear night, with evident interest from locals driving by to check out what we were up to!

On the day itself, we were joined by local charity groups who set up food stalls and Mosaic AV staff arrived to get an extra large sound system installed and the FM transmitter. Very fortunate that we had planned ahead as all of us were blown away by the massive attendance, apparently 2000 people came to see the projections and were watching from near and far!

The event was opened by the mayor and with a special welcome from Flinders Ports, we all enjoyed a stunning production that featured incredible photography by Marine Biologist Janine Baker, and images of a local wreck by recreational diver Adam Linnett. There was a vibrant selection of artwork by Copper Coast artists, and a stunning animated art series by students of the Kapunda area school.

It was an absolutely freezing night and the Lions ran out of snags, but all had a fabulous time!

Very special thanks to Flinders Ports, we are so thrilled we could do this event and it would not have been half as good without your support and sponsorship. Thanks also to the Copper Coast Council, for all of your amazing work to promote this event and help us connect with the right people.

Quorn – Saturday 17th August 2019

The tenth stop of the tour took us to Quorn, on the same day as footy finals so we thought we mightn’t get much of a turn out, but were absolutely stoked to have 300 people attend on this glorious full moon night.

The night was surprisingly balmy and blissful, and many of the audience brought blankets and sat on the ground along with those who brought chairs or just leant against the fence. Everyone was in a fabulous mood and had clearly been looking forward to the show for weeks.

The audience were even more over the moon when we told them the news that the Silos were soon going to be getting a PERMANENT silo projection, just the second in Australia! We handed out surveys to get audience feedback about the proposed installation and invited everyone to tell us their ideas once they’d had a chance to look at the projection storytelling.

The evening was a wonderful success with friendly warm community gathered to see something very special and we are all very excited and looking forward to the future, permanent display.

Thanks to the Pichi Richi Preservation Society and Flinders Ranges Council for making this event possible, and to Saltbush Deli for your coffee van magic.

Port Augusta – Sunday 18th August 2019

Sunday arrived and as we headed over the range to the Top o’ the Gulf, a storm hit the Port. It cleared by the time of our event but it did have an impact on our numbers as probably only about 120 people came along.  However, the projections were a big hit, very stunning and well appreciated by those who braved the elements.

Our favourite aspect of this event, was seeing the Barracks lit up with projections that had been designed for the Barracks opening about ten years ago.

We were really thrilled to be able to talk about what a big influence Port Augusta and its arts community has been on the very early beginnings of illuminart (established in the region) and showcase artwork that had been made with local artists.  Very special thanks to the City of Port Augusta for your support of this event and to Tina Dunneman and Daniel Day-Lutz for your help with the set up!

Wilmington – Monday 19th August 2019

The inclement weather continued into Monday but the evening was cold and fine, and we had easily 150 local residents come to see the Wilmington memorial hall illuminated with projected storytelling.  We were delighted to see families and people of all ages joining us for this event and it was a real treat to see the old stone hall in vibrant mid winter colours.

A very special thanks to the Wilmington Progress Society, for making sure we put Wilmington on the tour list no matter what. Also thanks, for your sausage sizzle! Great on a cold night.


Big thanks!

Thanks to all our partners, cohosts and supporters:

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