Sunday, 6 January 2013

Transformation and Old photos

Through Luminous Hall we’ve been using a large number of historic photographs, many sourced directly from the UWA Archives. Cindi Drennan visited UWA a few times in 2012 and was assisted to investigate the university’s heritage, leading to selection of many interesting photographs that reveal fascinating perspectives of not only the University, but of Western Australia itself.

To bring these stories to life, the photographs have been effected and animated to find a balance between audiovisual story and architectural projection experience. Often the photographs are used in a way to underline a graphic treatment on the building, and at other times used in solo, to underline the historic moment depicted in the photograph. In other sections the photographs or stories provide inspiration for a graphical treatment.Napier Waller Mosaic

The 3D projection technique has been designed to wrap around the building so that the building decorations can be appreciated for their effect from a widely dispersed audience. There is no difference to be gained whether centre or to the sides – and from up close the audience can appreciate the high resolution imagery whereas from the elevated rear lawn audience may appreciate the building as a whole.

Audio compositions bring the narrative and historic material to life, featuring music composed by graduates of the University of Western Australia, compositions and audio arrangements by Samantha Ray and Trilby Temperley, and wonderful voice re-enactments by the Well Versed group.