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Monday, 1 August 2022

Tracking the trails – the significance of regional partnerships

Team illuminart are passionate about gathering communities together to experience incredible, after dark stories in light.  Our commitment is to highlight the art of storytelling and to collaboratively share the experience of stories created with and about the local place they are created for and first displayed.  Every production aspires to move people, to create magic and to craft a digital legacy that lives alongside memories of the events.

Ultimately, illuminart crafts each show especially for each event.  Each one is an opportunity to consolidate relationships and nurture collective ideas.  Some of illuminart’s productions are designed to take shape in a short time while others take much longer.   There are many factors to consider.  These are explored within the community, place, space and region from the outset of the conversation and are factored into the developmental process of a project, playing a pivotal role in how it is shaped.

Cowell Travelling Light - Steph Taylor

Booleroo Travelling Light - The Queue for Doughnuts!

Whatever engagement models are chosen on any project, the most important aspects of each of our projects are the participating artists and creative people in the communities.  Many individuals have been involved in training with illuminart over the years, often in a mentee/mentor role.  Many have provided assistance in the development of stories at various stages of illuminart’s stories in light projects.   Illuminart’s stories in light would not exist without the creative community who connect with us.

Cowell Travelling Light - The Onkaparinga River Story

Port Pirie Travelling Light - the gathered crowd











In long term projects such as Port to Port and its unique sequel, the award winning Travelling Light odyssey, illuminart built a series of digital stories with communities and local artists all around SA.  Community connections, various grants and partnerships enabled bold, colourful artwork and stories, collected over so many years of preparation, to be lovingly crafted and curated for the epic tours.    These tours displayed on one site at a time.  They required intensive and technical bump-in and bump-out with a unique mobile projection solution at each location, including all the cities, towns and regions who participated.

Cowell Travelling Light - Epsons on the inside

Craig and Zero projection mapping a silo from the touring bus, Moby

Ongoing partnerships with regional councils has facilitated the appearance of a growing number of illuminart designed and installed all-weather projection sentinels across South Australia.   This makes the whole process of putting on a show a lot more streamlined and it has given those councils a great opportunity to develop new content on an ongoing basis and to emphasise their projection sites as a great permanent tourism attraction throughout the year – with unique local content running every evening rain or shine.  As a bonus, two of these sites have won Street Art Awards.

When unforeseen challenges threaten to destroy visions and timelines they also provide great opportunities to innovate.  Our established practice of assisting communities in the use of remote digital tools has enabled many regional artists to build deeper, more cohesive community and professional connections with each other and with illuminart.  Through the unsettling period of isolation and unknowns of the last 2 years, this way of working together has provided an excellent foundation for illuminart’s fresh new Art meets Science Festival.

Constellation stories in light trail has crystallised over two and a half years.  This wonderful collaboration shines a vibrant light on many talented regional artists, animators and innovators through a synchronised multi-site adventure.  Track the trails to learn more about the creative collaborations by delving deeper into the stories themselves!


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