Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Concept Tests at Torrens Parade Ground, May 2013

The Violet Day project has begun technical and concept development in the CBD of Adelaide, and over coming months we’ll share some of the sights, sites, and sounds of the work in progress here.

On the 8th of May our development team worked with draft video and graphical content as a first site test at Torrens Parade Ground on 8th May 2013 for the Violet Day project. Photos below capture the violet theme that wraps the narrative of the project as the story unfolds around the city.

Violet Day Site Test 1 (Torrens Parade Ground)

Tests featured projection by illuminart, lighting support by Andrew Gough (Osmond Electronics), assisted by Technical team of Steve Tilling and Tom Sutton. Featuring Michael Mills as Adolph Beinke in the projection. Supported by Kym Cheek & History SA. Photography by Craig Laurendet.