Monday, 10 February 2020

The Ironing Maidens – Professional development supported by illuminart

Australian electronic duo, The Ironing Maidens present their show in the 2020 Adelaide Fringe 18-29 February with the world premiere of their brand new show, ‘A Soap Opera’.

Illuminart has been thrilled to support Melania and Patty with mentorship, assisting them to grow their skills while developing their new performance ‘A Soap Opera’. 

The show explores the domestic sphere as the final frontier of the gender equality movement, integrating inspiration from the electronic music pioneer, Daphne Oram. Patty and Melania spent time in the UK researching her work last year.

“To go through the Daphne Oram archives and interview key researchers into her legacy was so inspiring,” said Patty Bom, who ingeniously engineers real irons and ironing boards into The Ironing Maiden’s electronic instruments. “Daphne’s work was pivotal in the race to create electronic music during the 1950’s and knowing of her extraordinary career provides younger female electronic musicians a lineage to connect with in an otherwise male celebrated industry.”

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